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SIG 2011. Weatherly Index: 310/322-340. catalog number: 7537. Effective date: 2011. Supersedes Seal Interchange guIde dated 2003. Seal Interchange guIde guIde d' quivalence des joints Gu a de intercambio de retenes MANUFACTURER ABBREVIATIONS. Abbreviation Manufacturer Abbreviation Manufacturer Abbreviation Manufacturer HOW TO USE THIS guIde ALFA-R. AMC. ALFA-ROMEO. AMERICAN MOTORS CORP. CONDEC. CONDSI. CONDEC. CONDSI. FORSHE. FR-LI. FORSHEDA. FREIGHTLINER. AUDI AUDI CONE CONE FRANKL FRANKLIN EQUIPMENT. The Timken seal Interchange lists manufacturers' part Examples: AURORA AURORA CONSTR CONSTRUCTION MACHINE FRENCH FRENCH & HECHT. numbers, manufacturer name and the corresponding Characters are sorted from left to right, smallest to largest, AUSTIN AUSTIN CONTCA CONTINENTAL CAN FRU FRUEHAUF.

Seal Interchange guIde ge d’équuId Ivalence deS joIntS guía de IntercambIo de reteneS Weatherly Index: 310/322-340 catalog number: 7537 effective date: 2011






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