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Section D. Reverse Mortgage Loan Features and Costs Overview

HECM ProtocolChapter 5, Section D5-D-1 Section D. Reverse Mortgage loan Features and CostsOverviewContentsThis Section contains the following topics:TopicSee Page1. Types of Reverse Mortgage Products5-D-22. Reverse Mortgage loan limits and Principal Limits5-D-43. Reverse Mortgage Payment Plan Options5-D-64. Reverse Mortgage Note Rates/Interest Rates5-D-105. Retention of Title and Repayment of Debt5-D-156. Reverse Mortgage Non-Recourse Feature5-D-177. Mortgage Insurance/Insurance Premiums5-D-198. Reverse Mortgage loan Costs5-D-22 Chapter 5, Section DHECM Protocol5-D-21. Types of Reverse Mortgage ProductsIntroductionThis topic contains information how a Reverse Mortgage differs from a forward Mortgage , and types of Reverse DateMarch 18, a ReverseMortgageDiffers from aForwardMortgageIn a forward Mortgage , the borrower makes monthly payments to the lender,gradually building up his/her equity in the a Reverse Mortgage , the lender makes monthly payments to the borrower,gradually purchasing the equity in the home from the borrower.

HECM Protocol Chapter 5, Section D 5-D-5 2. Reverse Mortgage Loan Limits and Principal Limits, Continued PROTCL 5.D.2.b Principal Limit on a HECM The principal limit is the amount of money that a borrower may access


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Transcription of Section D. Reverse Mortgage Loan Features and Costs Overview

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