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(see right) 21 - Splendide

Sold SeparatelySecureFit Bracket Kit#MK01 (for RV/Marine installations)Data Sheet Includes Information OnSplendideProduct Model NumberWD2100XC / WD2100 XCPS plendide 2100XC Laundry CenterNever reuse data sheets. Data sheets are subject to change without notice. Never use data sheets for final installation criteria. Complete installation instructions are available upon request and in the owner's manual that comes with the View (not to scale)Side View (not to scale)33 1/2"Minimum InstallationClearances23 7/16"Water InletsHC(Depending on positioning of leveling legs)22 1/2"2 1/4"4 3/4"29 1/2"21/2"29 1/2"3"33" to 33 3/8"4"Vent AdapterDrain HoseElectricalConnection23 7/16"23 5/8"4"Vent Adapter21 1/2" total case depth*22 5/8" total depth includingvent adapter and door handle21 7/8" 1"37 5/8"Drain HoseU-Clamp5/8"Specifications: Weight: 148 Dimensions: W x H x D ( see right )- Capacity: Wash - 2 to 15 lbs / Dry - 2 to 11 Requirements: Volt/Amp/Hz: 120V, 11 Amp, 60 Hz.

Sold Separately SecureFit Bracket Kit #MK01 (for RV/Marine installations) Data Sheet Includes Information On Splendide Product Model Number WD2100XC / WD2100XCP Splendide 2100XC Laundry Center


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