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Service by the Mile

Service by the MileMilepostCOLORADO I-25 TruckerGuide, Inc. 2011 All Rights Reserved Plan Ahead View Now Web Cams & Road Conditions AheadState Oversize& Weight RegsState TouristAttractions2 WOOTTON6 GALLINAS6(Southbound)Steep Grade with Curves Mileposts 6-28 SPRING CREEK10(Southbond)Truck Parking11 STARKVILLEBus. Loop I-25 Santa Fe TrailWeigh Station719 846-240813 ATRINIDADS ante Fe Trail13 BTRINIDADMain Street Hospital US 160 US 35013 ABTRINIDADUS 160 US 350 Main Street14 ATRINIDADCO 12 West CUCHARA LA VETA Colorado Welcome Center14B(Southbound Exit)Bus.

Service by the Mile M i l e p o s t COLORADO I-25 © TruckerGuide, Inc. 2011 All Rights Reserved 110 PINON 24 Hour Food • Fuel • C-Store • Scales


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