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SINAVY PEM Fuel Cells - Siemens

PEM Fuel CellsFor SubmarinesContentsIntroduction3 PEM Fuel Cells : Function and design6 PEM Fuel Cells : Modules and power plant8 Outlook11 Fuel Cells enable the direct generation of electric power from hydrogen and oxygen with significantly higher effi-ciency, with noiseless operation and without pollutant emissions compared with conventional combustion propulsion (PEM FC)Space shuttleAir-independent power supply (PEM FC)Storage system for regenerative energiesSiemens Electrolyzer (PEM FC)RailroadElectrical propulsion (SOFC, PEM FC)Gas tankerElectrical propulsion (SOFC, PEM FC)BusEmission-free and noiseless operation (PEM FC)Delivery trucksEmission-free and noiseless operation (PEM FC)H2O2H2/airReformer gas/airReformer gas/airFuel Cell power plantsPresent and future applicationsFig.

PEM Fuel Cells: Function and design A simplified representation of the SINAVY PEM Fuel Cells’ basic function and design is shown in (Fig. 3): the electrochemical element at which the chemical energy is converted into electrical energy is the membrane electrode unit. It consists of the polymer electrolyte,






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