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Solubility ProductThe Solubility of a mineral is governed by the Solubility Product ,the equilibrium constant for a reaction such as:CaSO4(anhydrite) Ca2+ + SO42-The Solubility Product is given by:4242 CaSOSOCaSPaaaK +=If anhydrite is a pure solid, then aCaSO4 = in dilute solutions: aCa2+ (Ca2+) and aSO42- (SO42-).KSP [Ca2+][SO42-] = is the Solubility of anhydrite in pure water?If anhydrite dissolution is the only source of both Ca2+ andSO42-, then: [Ca2+] = [SO42-] = xx2 = = = mol/LMWanhydrite = g/molSolubility = ( mol/L)( g/mol) = g/L4242 CaSOSOCaSPaaaK +=Saturation indexIn a natural solution, it is not likely that [Ca2+] = [SO42-], forexample, because there will be more than one source of eachof these ions. In this case we use saturation indices todetermine if the water is saturated with respect to = [Ca2+]eq[SO42-]eqIAP = [Ca2+]act[SO42-]act[][]SPSP actactKIAPKSOCa== +242 SaturationindexSuppose a groundwater is analyzed to contain 5x10-2 mol/L Ca2+ and7x10-3 mol/L SO42.

Hydrolysis The interaction between water and one or both ions of a salt that results in the formation of the parental acid or base, or both. We classify salts by the strength of the acid and base from


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