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芸術的スポーツの著作権法による ... - ssf.or.jp

20 1996 IOC Olympic Review . Sport and Copyright .. IOC .. 2017 10 24 31. World Figure Skating Museum .. 202-0021 3-4-1 79 . 58 2017 .. A study on the applicability of copyright law protection in artistic sports 1.. Focusing on figure skating in Japan and the United States . Tatsuki Machida*.. Abstract In 1996, nearly two decades ago, an article ( Sport and Copyright ), discussing the relationship between sports and copyright laws, first appeared in Olympic Review, a bulletin published by the In- ternational Olympic Committee (IOC). This article examined the possibility that sports performances may be protected under copyright laws.

58 2017年度 笹川スポーツ研究助成 芸術的スポーツの著作権法による保護の妥当性に関する研究 ―日・米のフィギュアスケートを中心に― 町田 樹




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