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STOCK LIST Up dated 09/09/2018 ACME (FS)LOCOS:60020 E402A (036) XMPR RTC Railpool E 186 Traxx (BLS) Cargo Re 186 108 "Four Nations" Railpool (BLS) Cargo Re 486 508 "The Climbers" :50611 2nd class Eurostar City Italia coach 1st class type X (1975) in XMPR 2nd class type X (1975) in XMPR :30003 White fencing to make 90 cms Flat wagon, Uai, grey Flat wagon, Uai, grey Kits (Resin) (1/87) 'Nurnberg' Signal box Loading platform Weighhouse + weighbridge Set of 12 colours weathering powders (Swiss Post Buses) AFA Setra S415H Red + yellow front Postbus Mercedes Citaro-St. Moritz (HOm)LOCOS:1263-201 FO Deh 4/4 No 51 :6528-000 RhB Buffer "Pontresina" (Accessories)4230-000 Hom track R 330 Code 70 Flexi (1000m) Code 70 double slip 12* Traverser for 6 tracks (BLS) Tm81 Orange (SOB) Ae 476 ( ) Classic Rail ROUGE SIGNALS2210 Service signal Signal 4 leds + 1 white led (service) Indicator for 2 directions 3 leds Nacelle (HO)31077 class 77 Crossrail red DE6312 + sound class 847 004 Gravita Stahl + sound (HO) Kits170735 Winter set (HO)386515 - Packet of 50 close couplings - 3 part container wagonset (Crossrail) (SBB)LOCOS:079 Jubilee Triple Set (Re 4)

STOCK LIST Up dated 22/07/2018 ACME (FS) LOCOS: 60020 E402A (036) XMPR £123.00 60235 RTC Railpool E 186 Traxx £176.00 90087 (BLS) Cargo Re 186 108 "Four Nations" Railpool £166.00


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Transcription of STOCK LIST - Marno LTD

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