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Stratigraphic Interpretation SEISMIC …

SEISMIC Stratigraphic Interpretation SEISMIC Workshops SEISMIC . Interpretation Methods Practical Methods for Sequence Interpretation . N349. and Workflows Stratigraphic Prediction SEISMIC Interpretation Workshop: COMPETENCY MAP. N380. John Snedden Play Recognition on Passive Margins Advanced SEISMIC Interpretation SEISMIC and Well Facies Mapping in a N485. EU Mark Thompson and Mike Mayall N357. Sequence Stratigraphic Framework NA/EU Rachel Newrick SKILLED APPLICATION. Rob Kirk Geological SEISMIC Interpretation Structural Interpretation Field Seminar: Compressional N074. An Integrated Approach to 3D Systems SEISMIC Interpretation SEISMIC and Sequence Stratigraphy Peter Hennings N255. Interpretation of SEISMIC Data in for Play Prediction and Basin Analysis N007.

Dorset, UK grey text Europe North America Australasia Region of Scheduled Delivery Available on request only N N N Application Levels: 1. Awareness 2. Basic






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Transcription of Stratigraphic Interpretation SEISMIC …

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