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Switching Regulator Fundamentals (Rev. A) - TI.com

1 SNVA559A September2012 RevisedSeptember2016 SubmitDocumentationFeedbackCopyright 2012 2016,TexasInstrumentsIncorporatedSwitchi ngRegulatorFundamentalsSIMPLESWITCHERis a registeredtrademarkof othertrademarksare the propertyof September2012 RevisedSeptember2016 SwitchingRegulatorFundamentalsABSTRACTT heswitchingregulatoris increasingin popularitybecauseit offersthe advantagesof higherpowerconversionefficiencyand increaseddesignflexibility(multipleoutpu tvoltagesof differentpolaritiescan begeneratedfroma singleinputvoltage).This paperwill detailthe operatingprinciplesof the four mostcommonlyusedswitchingconvertertypes: Buck usedto reducea DC voltageto a lowerDC providesan outputvoltagethat is higherthanthe (invert) an outputvoltagethat is generatedoppositein polarityto the an outputvoltagethat is less thanor greaterthanthe inputcan be generated,as well ,somemultiple-transistorconvertertopolog ieswill be presented:Push-Pull A two-transistorconverterthat is especiallyefficientat low A two-transistorconverterusedin A four-transistorconverter(usuallyusedin offlinedesigns)that can generatethe highestoutputpowerof all the be providedalongwithcircuitexamplesthat illustratesomeapplicationsofBuck,Boost,a nd (t)+-vi(t)di/dt = 0v= 0 ITi(t)di/dt > 0v > 0 ITi(t)di/dt < 0v< September2012

n1 n2 points closed 12v (n2 >>> n1) spark gap storing energy points open 12v spark fires v p v s c c current limiting resistor coil v a v b ia ib n1 n2 v b v a n1


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Transcription of Switching Regulator Fundamentals (Rev. A) - TI.com

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