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(모델명: TDProg) 사사용 설명서용 설명서

TI DSP Programmer( ). for TMS320LF240xA & TMS320F281x Device ( : TDProg).. UUU. (RealSYS). Web: Tel: 031-420-4326 Fax: 031-420-4329. -1- TDProg Update History < >.. z TMS320LF240xA Flash API Upgrade TMS320LF2402A/2403A/2406A/2407A Flash API Upgrade z TMS320F2810/2811/2812 Flash API Upgrade TMS320F2810/2811/2812 Flash API Upgrade z USB Device Driver Update z Flash Erase, Write Timeout . z TMS320281x Chip ( ). (CA ) TI TMS320F281x Chip .. Chip CE TDProg POD . Firmware Flash Writing Chip CG . Flash Writing . TDProg POD Firmware . Upgrade . TDProg POD Firmware( ) . z TMS320LF240xA Flash API Upgrade z TMS320LF240xA . z TMS320F281x Flash API Upgrade (Chip CG ). z Flash Erase, Write Timeout . < >. z MCU . TMS320LF2402A/2403A/2406A/2407A.

www.realsys.co.kr z Device를 CSM Locked(Secured) 하는 방법 될 수 있는 한 제품 개발 도중에는 사용하지 마시고, 제품 양산 시 사용하시길 바랍니다.




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