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Technical Data Sheet LOCTITE 495

TechnicalDataSheet LOCTITE 495 May-2004 PRODUCTDESCRIPTIONLOCTITE 495provides thefollowingproductcharacteristics:Techn ologyCyanoacrylateChemicalTypeEthylcyano acrylateAppearance(uncured)Transparent,c olorlesstostrawcoloredliquidLMSC omponentsOne part- requiresnomixingViscosityLowCureHumidity ApplicationBondingKeySubstratesPlastics, Rubbers andMetalsLOCTITE 495isa @ 25 ,Cone& Plate,mPa s(cP):Temperature: 25 C,ShearRate:3,000s-120 to45 LMSV iscosity,Brookfield - LVF, 25 C,mPa s(cP):Spindle1, speed30rpm20 to60 VapourPressure,hPa<1 FlashPoint- SeeMSDSTYPICALCURINGPERFORMANCEU ndernormalconditions,theatmosphericmoist ureinitiatesthecuringprocess. Althoughfullfunctionalstrengthis developedin a relativelyshorttime,curingcontinuesforat least24hoursbeforefullchemical/solventre sistanceis Thetablebelowshowsthefixturetimeachieved ondifferentmaterialsat22 C/ 50% shearstrengthof.

Technical Data Sheet LOCTITE® 495 May-2004 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION LOCTITE® 495 provides the following product characteristics: Technology Cyanoacrylate Chemical Type Ethyl cyanoacrylate


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Transcription of Technical Data Sheet LOCTITE 495

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