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Technical seeds of CFRP in Japan - Contents

Technical seeds of CFRP in Japan - Contents Company/organization name Subject Prefecture Page Improving production efficiency for isotropic matrix by automatic IHI Corporation Tokyo 1. lamination of thermoplastic prepreg Automatic laminating machine for thermoplastic CFRP preform (form IHI Corporation Tokyo 2. cutting and laminating machine). IHI Corporation Thermoplastic mold forming system Tokyo 3. IHI Corporation Stampable sheet forming (high-cycle forming) system Tokyo 4. Unprecedented new carbon fiber composite with Arkema new matrix ARKEMA Tokyo 5.

-1- Development stage Joint researcher(s) and their role Owns any intellectual property right Point of the proposed technology Effect(s) ・Achieving mass production by automatic production of isotropic matrix which was mainly performed by manual in the past.




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Transcription of Technical seeds of CFRP in Japan - Contents

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