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Teqc Tutorial - UNAVCO

June 6, 2014. Teqc Tutorial Basics of Teqc Use and Teqc Products Teqc Tutorial : Basics of Teqc Use and Teqc Products by Lou Estey and Stuart Wier June 6, 2014. Cover illustration: UNAVCO . Teqc is developed and supported by UNAVCO , and funded by NSF and NASA. Copyright 2012, 2013, 2014 UNAVCO Inc. UNAVCO . 6350 Nautilus Drive Boulder, Colorado Teqc Tutorial 1. Table of Contents 1 Introduction to Teqc and the Topics in this Teqc 2 Installing Teqc ..5. 3 Quick Start ..7. Common Teqc Quality Decimating Time binning with tbin Using real time input data 4 Working with Running Running Teqc on The Teqc Command Input and Output, Files, and 5 Getting Started with Teqc Basic translation command Teqc input file format specification and auto identification ..20. Typical translation options and arguments ..21. RINEX navigation message and meteorological files ..23. Translation examples ..24. Common failures in 6 Getting Started with Teqc 7 Getting Started with Teqc QC Interpreting QC The QC Screen Output: the ASCII Time Plot and the Short The QC Summary The QC Full The QC Plot Azimuth and Elevation Plot Teqc Tutorial 2.

Teqc Tutorial 3 1 Introduction 1.1 Introduction to Teqc and the Tutorial Teqc is a comprehensive toolkit for solving many problems when preprocessing GNSS data: translation: read GNSS native receiver files and translate the data to other formats


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