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Tests that have been classified and reviewed - HPCSA

HEALTH PROFESSIONS COUNCIL OF SOUTH AFRICAHEALTH PROFESSIONS ACT, 1974 (ACT OF 1974)LIST OF classified AND CERTIFIED PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTSThe Professional Board for Psychology hereby publish, in terms of the regulations defining thescope of the profession of psychology as published under Government Notice R993 inGovernment Gazette31433 of 16 September 2008, the list of Tests , which are classified andcertified for use by persons registered in the profession of psychology, in the that have been classified and reviewedAPIL18/11/1 Aptitude Tests for School Beginners (ASB)18/11/16 Bar On Emotional Quotient Inventory (BarON EQ-I TM)

Signal Detection (SIGNAL) - Vienna Test Catalogue South African Individual Scale for the Blind (SAISB) South African Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (SAWAIS)(C/35)


  Tests, Have, That, Bene, Classified, Reviewed, Tests that have been classified and reviewed




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Transcription of Tests that have been classified and reviewed - HPCSA

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