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THEBELSAWCOMPANYW oodworking Machinery & AccessoriesOrder Toll Free! 1-800-468-4449 Monday - Friday7:00am to 3:00pm Pacific Time The BELSAW COMPANY 2004. We reserve the right to correct any typographical and pictorial errors when ordering. Servingthe Woodworking Industrysince 1926!Introducing to theBelsaw family:Now also stockingPlaner/Molders from:WoodworkingMachinery2156 Zanker Road , San Jose, CA 951311-800-468-4449 Fax ChangedPlease call for current pricingSome Prices1 BELSAW Planer / Molder AccessoriesOrder Toll Free! 1-800-468-4449 Monday - Friday7:00am to 3:00pm Pacific TimeFeedworks ChainReplacement KitThis kit contains the three drivechains in the model 985 feedworkssystem. Also included is the 20 V-Beltthat transfers power from the cutterhead tothe feedworks. Replacing all three chains at thesame time will ensure longer sprocket life and deliv-er consistent transfer of drive power to the feed rollers. Complete Feedworks Rebuild KitCompletely rebuild your planersfeedworks system with this all sprockets, chains,bushings, link adjustmentassemblies, 20 V_Belt, and sprock-et weldments to replace worn out feed-works systems.

1 Belsaw Planer / Molder Accessories Order Toll Free! 1-800-468-4449 Monday - Friday 7:00am to 3:00pm Pacific Time Feedworks Chain Replacement Kit This kit …


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