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The Five Levels of an Ethical Culture - BSR

WORKING PAPER The five Levels of an Ethical Culture How to Build and Sustain Organizations with Integrity MARCH 2017 BSR | The five Levels of an Ethical Culture 1 About This Report This working paper was written by Alison Taylor, with additional guidance and insights provided by Dunstan Allison-Hope. Any errors that remain are those of the authors. Please direct comments or questions to The paper is based on a series of 23 confidential interviews with experts in risk, compliance, and ethics during 2015 in an effort to identify the common traits of organizational Culture in unethical organizations. These interviews have been supplemented with research into a wide range of academic theories from the fields of organizational psychology, behavioral ethics, and group relations. We have also drawn on long experience in consulting with large corporates on strategy, risk, ethics, and sustainability. This has enabled us to bring a holistic perspective to the Ethical Culture challenge.

Many prominent culture change efforts focus on company off-sites, bonding exercises, and even the appointment of chief happiness officers tasked with increasing the “fun” quotient of the working environment.1 Such measures are not effective in …


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Transcription of The Five Levels of an Ethical Culture - BSR

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