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The National Housing Code - Department of Human …

PART 3 Social Housing Policy The National Housing Code SOCIAL & RENTAL INTERVENTIONS. Community Residential Units Institutional Subsidies Social Housing Policy Subsidy Quantum - Social & Rental Interventions Volume 6. SOCIAL AND RENTAL INTERVENTIONS: SOCIAL Housing POLICY | PART 3 (OF THE National Housing CODE) | 2009. TABLE OF CONTENTS. PREAMBLE .. 5. 1 POLICY 11. 11. SPATIAL .. 11. 12. SOCIAL .. 12. FUNCTIONING Housing SECTOR .. 13. 2 DEFINITION OF SOCIAL Housing .. 17. 3 GUIDING PRINCIPLES FOR SOCIAL 23. 4 THE TARGET MARKET OF SOCIAL Housing .. 29. TYPICAL HOUSEHOLDS RENTING IN SA: THE DEMAND.

9.5 TAX INCENTIVES FOR SHIS ... 1997 with the introduction of the institutional subsidy mechanism. To date approximately 60 social housing institutions (SHIs) have been formed delivering ... • The sector has been moving out of the low income market into the middle income markets due to the financial pressures and subsidy constraints and ...


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Transcription of The National Housing Code - Department of Human …

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