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THE ORATORY th ST ALOYSIUS'. Sunday 5 August 2018 Sunday Readings: Year B. 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time Divine Office: Week II Jubilee Year of St Aloysius Gonzaga a plenary indulgence may be gained in our church under the usual conditions SUNDAY MASSES & SERVICES. SICK LIST. Sat. Vigil Mass If your name or the name of a friend or Sun. 8am Latin Mass ( ) relative of yours is on the parish list of Parish Mass prayers for those who are sick, and you 11am Solemn Mass would like that name to remain on the list, Evening Mass would you please contact Fr Daniel. We now need to make sure that you or your 6pm Benediction friend or family member has consented to their name being on that list. This is WEEKDAY MASSES because the list can be seen by a lot of Monday 6th August people, as it is put up on the noticeboard outside the church, it is available for THE TRANSFIGURATION anyone to pick up in church and is also OF THE LORD published on the internet through the Mass at , 10am and 6pm parish website.

PORTERS’ LODGE: open on weekdays from 10:30am-6pm (5pm on Fridays), on Saturdays from 10:30am-12pm, and after Sunday morning Masses. PARISH CENTRE: open for refreshments after all Sunday morning Masses.


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Transcription of THE ORATORY ST ALOYSIUS’ - Oxford Oratory

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