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The Ten Greatest Revivals Ever - Elmer Towns

THE TEN Greatest Revivals EVER Presented To Servant Books Ann Arbor, Michigan By Elmer L. Towns and Douglas Porter January, 2000 "From The Ten Greatest Revivals Ever by Dr. Elmer Towns , * 2000 by Dr. Elmer Towns . Published by Servant Publications, Box 8617, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48107. Used with permission." 1 THE TEN Greatest Revivals EVER 1. The 1904 revival , Beginning in Wales Evan Roberts, Korea, Moravian, Azusa Street 2. The First Great Awakening, 1727-1750 Zinzendorf, Wesley, Whitefield, Jonathan Edwards 3. The Second Great Awakening 1780-1810 Cane Ridge 4. The General Awakening 1830-1840 Charles Finney, Hawaii, Jamaica 5.

2 TABLE OF CONTENTS THE TEN GREATEST REVIVALS EVER by Elmer L. Towns & Douglas Porter Introduction Revival is defined as “God pouring Himself out on His people.


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Transcription of The Ten Greatest Revivals Ever - Elmer Towns

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