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Agile Project Management with Scrumby Ken Schwaber ISBN:073561993xMicrosoft Press 2004 Apply the principles of Scrum, one of the most popular agile programming methods, to software project management and focus your team on delivering realbusiness of Contents Agile Project Management with ScrumForewordIntroductionChapter 1-Backdrop: The Science of ScrumChapter 2-New Management ResponsibilitiesChapter 3-The ScrumMasterChapter 4-Bringing Order from ChaosChapter 5-The Product OwnerChapter 6-Planning a Scrum ProjectChapter 7-Project Reporting Keeping Everything VisibleChapter 8-The TeamChapter 9-Scaling Projects Using ScrumAppendix A-RulesAppendix B-DefinitionsAppendix C-ResourcesAppendix D-Fixed-Price, Fixed-Date ContractsAppendix E-Capability Maturity Model (CMM)IndexThis document was created by an unregistered chmmagic , please go to to register it.

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