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TMS320F28069M, TMS320F28068M InstaSPIN™ …

TMS320F28069M, TMS320F28068 MInstaSPIN -MOTIONS oftwareTechnicalReferenceManualLiteratur eNumber:SPRUHJ0 BApril2013 RevisedMarch2014 Contents1F2806xMInstaSPIN Capabilitiesand :SmoothMotionAcrossVaryingSpeedsand :SmoothMotionand PositionAccuracyat Low :SmoothMotionand PositionAccuracyat Low :SpinTACvs :SpinTACvs Definitionof Termsand ContentsSPRUHJ0B April2013 RevisedMarch2014 SubmitDocumentationFeedbackCopyright 2013 2014, of Figures1 InstaSPIN- motion = C2000F2806xMMCU+ FASTS oftwareSensor(optional)+ Auto-TunedInner-TorqueController+ a a UserMemory,with Exceptionof FASTand SpinTACin a MechanicalSensorand 500 MaximumSpeedErrorand PI PI PI MaximumOvershootand MaximumPositionErrorand MaximumOvershootand F2806xMAllocatedMemoryfor InstaSPIN-FOCand April2013 RevisedMarch2014 List of FiguresSubmitDocumentationFeedbackCopyri ght 2013 2014, of vs PI DisturbanceRejectionTestResults(TeknicMo tor).

TMS320F28069M, TMS320F28068M InstaSPIN™-MOTION Software Technical Reference Manual Literature Number: SPRUHJ0B April 2013–Revised March 2014






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Transcription of TMS320F28069M, TMS320F28068M InstaSPIN™ …

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