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TYPE 57P96 Current Sense Transformers

Operating temperature from -40oC to to UL recognized 130oC meet flammability requirements for range from 10 KHz to 300 compliant version Electronics dimensions given in inches [mm]. Tolerances unless otherwise specified: .XX .01 [.X .25]; .XXX .005 [.XX .13] Angular: 1oNotes:--(1). Tested at 10 KHz, determine maximum operation parameters for unipolar Current , use the following formulas:1. Terminating resistor: Rt = (Ns x Vref) / (Np x lppk)2. Maximum flux density (Teslas): Bpk = (Vref x DuCy_max) / (Ns x x Freq) Recommended Bpk_max = T [2000 G]05/0757P96-050AF4715 FEATURESTYPE 57P96 Current Sense TransformersSCHEMATICDRAWINGELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS @ 25oCPart Number50:1300:1200:1100 (1)Turns RatioPrimaryDCRS econdaryDCRH ipot(Pri-Sec)Rated Current (Primary)A RMS@ 40oC TriseVRMS60 Hz 2 SECOhmMAXmOhmMAXmH+/- 30%Ns:Np+/- 1% an "R" to the part number after "P" for the RoHS compliant version ( 57PR96-050 is the RoHS compliant version of 57P96 -050).

Operating temperature from -40oC to 130oC. Manufactured to UL recognized 130oC insulation system. Materials meet flammability requirements for UL 94V-0. Frequency range from 10 KHz to 300 KHz.


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Transcription of TYPE 57P96 Current Sense Transformers

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