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A saf ety gui deGUIDANCEFROMTHENATIONALUNIONOF TEACHERSThis lea fle t outlinesthe ke y legal re quirementson dr iver s and operatorsof schoolmi nibusesand desc ribesthe sup port teachersshouldbegi ven be fore theyag ree to dr ive a schoolmin ib a valuableas setto thoseschoolswhich arefortunateenoughto ownor acce ss to the manybenefitsof out-of-schoolacti vities. Dr ivinga minibusis not,however,a ta sk tobeundertakenlightly thesa fetyof pupilsandstaffshouldalwaysbe thefirstco requiredto drive a to doso,however,youshouldtakecareful noteof theadvicein thislea SRESPONSIBILITIESIf youvolunteer to drivea schoolminibusyouarepersonallyresponsible forits roa anydefects arefoundby thepolice,it is youwhowillbefi ned,poi ntsonyourlice nce,or responsibleforany roadtra makesurethattheminibusin surance pol icy covers: al l theuse s to which themi nibus is put; th e tot al number of pa ssengersallowedand theto tal weight.

Thisleafletoutlinesthekeylegalrequirements ondriversandoperatorsofschoolminibuses anddescribesthesupportteachersshouldbe given before they agree to drive a school




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