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U.S. Department of State Key Officers of Foreign …

Department of State Key Officers of Foreign Service Posts APIA (E) Address: Embassy, 5th Floor, ACB House, Matafele, Apia, Samoa; APO/FPO: American Embassy, PSC 467 BOX 1, APO AP 96531-1034; Phone: (685) 21-631; Fax: (685) 22-030; Workweek: Monday to Friday, 0800 - 1630. officer Name AMB Charles J. Swindells (Resident in Welllington). DCM/CHG Timothy W. Harley MGT Ronna Pazdral (Wellington). CA Richard Adams (Auckland). DAO Rick Martinez (Wellington). FMO Vacant (Wellington). GSO Frederick Olivo (Wellington). ICASS Chair Non-ICASS Post ISSO See DCM/Charge PAO Roy Glover (Wellington). RSO William B. Leverett (Wellington). State ICASS Non-ICASS Post Last Updated: 2/4/2005. FREETOWN (E) Address: Siaka Stevens St., Freetown; APO/FPO: 2160 Freetown Pl, Washington, DC 20521- 2160; Phone: 232-22-226481; Fax: 232-22-225471; Workweek: M-T 0745-1700, F 0745-1245; Website: officer Name AMB Thomas N.

FMO Al Gorriaran GSO Luisa Abbott ICASS Chair Christopher Benya IMO Mark Wilson IPO Sheik Huie ISSO Scott Guilliatt MLO Christopher Benya


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