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ULTRA BLUE - Tuberia Hidraulica de PVC

Building essentials for a better tomorrow MEETS AWWA C909 OR ASTM F1483 ULTRA blue IIULTRA blue ULTRA blue Pressure Class 150 & 200 psiPressure Class 100 psi, Size 16"Gasketed Joints Size 6" - 12" and 16"PVCO Distribution Pipe PVCO Pressure IPS PipePressure Rated 200 psiGasketed Joints Size 6" - 12"1 ULTRA blue 01 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION (C909) .. 2 SURGE DESIGN (C909) .. 5 SHORT FORM SPECIFICATION (C909) .. 6 DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHTS (C909) .. 8 FLOW/FRICTION CHARTS (C909) .. 9 SHORT FORM SPECIFICATION (IPS ASTM F1483) .. 13 DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHTS (IPS ASTM F1483) .. 15 FLOW/FRICTION CHARTS (IPS ASTM F1483) .. 16 SHORT FORM INSTALLATION GUIDE/WARNING .. 21 WARRANTY .. 2202030405060708 ULTRA blue CONTENTS09102 ULTRA blue PRODUCT DESCRIPTION ULTRA blue AWWA C909 AND ASTM F1483 PVCO PIPEFOR USE IN DISTRIBUTION, MUNICIPAL WATER SYSTEMS AND OTHER SERVICESDESCRIPTION JM Eagle s ULTRA blue pipes conform to the AWWA C909 and/or ASTM F1483 specifications, with gaskets meeting ASTM F477 and joints in compliance with ASTM D3139.

II ULTRA BLUEULTRA BLUE ™ Pressure Class 150 & 200 psi Pressure Class 100 psi, Size 16" Gasketed Joints Size 6" - 12" and 16" PVCO Distribution C.I.O.D. Pipe


  Ultra, Blue, Ultra blue




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Transcription of ULTRA BLUE - Tuberia Hidraulica de PVC

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