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Underground Installation of Optic Fiber Cable Placing

Application Notes Underground Installation of Optic Fiber Cable Placing Issued November 2013. Abstract Underground placement is necessary and unavoidable in certain areas for various reasons such as nature and heritage conservation, natural obstacles, aesthetics, space and safety. Placing cables Underground has the added benefits of reducing transmission losses, aiding planning consent and reduced risk of service supply loss through extreme weather. This practice covers the basic guidelines for Installation of Fiber - Optic Cable in Underground Cable . Keywords Manholes, winches, Sheaves, Jetting Method Contents 2.

Normally, standard size fiber optic cables are pulled into innerduct (sub-ducts). 1 Micro-ducts can also be placed directly into larger telecommunications conduits or can be factory assembled into a composite unit of multiple micro-ducts. Table 1– Commonly Used Cable Types for Various OSP Applications Underground Cable Innerduct Micro-Ducts






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Transcription of Underground Installation of Optic Fiber Cable Placing

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