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UNDERSTANDING . HEMODIALYSIS . THE INVENTION, DEVELOP- M E N T, A N D S U C C E S S O F. THE ARTIFICIAL KIDNEY. 2. CONTENTS. CONTENTS. HEMODIALYSIS . 3. from the early days to today Historical basis of 4. HEMODIALYSIS 5 HEMODIALYSIS 6 The early days of dialysis 8 The first successful dialysis treatment 9 The rotating drum kidney 10 Dialysis and ultrafiltration 11 Further developments Vascular access and chronic dialysis Fresenius MEDICAL CARE. 12. 14 Modern HEMODIALYSIS 3. H E M O D I A LY S I S . EDITORIAL. F R O M T H E E A R LY D A Y S T O T O D A Y.

4 FRESENIUS MEDICA CARE HISTORICAL BASIS OF HEMODIALYSIS Acute and chronic kidney failure, which can lead to death if untreated for several days …


  Understanding, Hemodialysis, Understanding hemodialysis




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Transcription of UNDERSTANDING HEMODIALYSIS - Fresenius

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