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UNLIMITED DRINKS - Amazon Web Services

I LL HAVE WHAT SHE S HAVING 3 buttermilk pancakes, Nutella, strawberries, toasted hazelnuts, whipped cream. HIGH LINE3 buttermilk pancakes, fried chicken, bacon, maple syrup. BREAKFAST HASH Saut ed bacon, chorizo, poached eggs, onions , diced sweet potatoes, avocado, wilted spinach, chipotle ketchup. SWAP bacon and chorizo for halloumi. SMASHED AVOCADO & POACHED EGGS Toasted English Chorizo | Bacon | Halloumi English muffin for gluten-free bread. THE MEXICAN WRAP Baked falafel, sweet roast peppers, grilled corn, black beans, avocado, tomato salsa, baby gem lettuce, chipotle mayo, sweet potato wedges. UPGRADE to sweet potato fries & AVOCADO WRAPH ouse-spiced chicken breast, fresh avocado & mango salsa, lettuce, tomato, skin-on chicken for halloumi.

onion rings, gem lettuce, sliced tomato, BBQ sauce, mayo. UPGRADE to sweet potato fries 1.50 COD & CO. Crispy cod nuggets, skin-on fries, katsu curry sauce, tartare sauce. UPGRADE to sweet potato fries 1.50 ALL-AMERICAN HOT DOG 10-inch Moving Mountains plant-based hot dog, brioche bun, vegan cheese, pickles, jalapeños, ketchup, French’s mustard


  Fire, Ring, Onions, Onion rings




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