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Variable Frequency Oscillators (VFOs)

1. Chapter 10, Harris CRYSTAL SETS TO SIDEBAND. Frank W. Harris 2010, REV 12. Chapter 10. Variable Frequency Oscillators ( vfos ). Sooner or later you'll become frustrated with being stuck on a few crystal-controlled frequencies. You would like to have a Frequency -tuning knob that covers the entire band and not just a few kilohertz. This sounds simple, but isn't. It's difficult because, without the stability of a crystal, an ordinary RF oscillator will drift hundreds of hertz while you're sending. The fellow you're talking to probably has a modern transceiver with a narrow, stable passband.

4. Chapter 10, Harris minimal and unchanging. While we’re on the subject, you might experiment with substituting an LM336-2.5 volt precision Zener diode for the 5 volt diode.


  Lm336, Variable frequency oscillators, Variable, Frequency, Oscillators, Vfos




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Transcription of Variable Frequency Oscillators (VFOs)

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