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NEC express5800 .. NEC Express express5800 /100 .. NEC express5800 Integrated Remote Management . 1..1. 2..3. 3..4. BMC, BIOS / BIOS RomPilot ..5. ESMPRO/ServerManager , MWA ..6. BIOS, BIOS RomPilot ..7. (BMC)..7. Management Workstation Application (MWA)..8..9..9..10..11..12. A PC ..13. B NEC MWA ..16..17. OS ..19. OS ..20. C NEC MWA ..21. RomPilot ..21. RomPilot SMC ..21. RomPilot BMC ..21. i NEC express5800 Integrated Remote Management TCO(Total Cost of Ownership) .. NEC express5800 . NEC express5800 ESMPRO/ServerManager,ServerAgent MWA . / .. express5800 . (BMC) BIOS(RomPilot).

NEC Express5800 Integrated Remote Management 1 2000.6 TCO(Total Cost of Ownership)削減のための NEC Express5800 サーバマネージメントツール NEC Express5800 シリーズでは、ESMPRO/ServerManager,ServerAgent、MWA 等の


  Nec express5800, Express5800




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