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World Pumps 50 Years - Plad

30 Anniversary feature World Pumps January 2009. 50 Years of World Pumps A brief history of Pumps Ten Years ago, World Pumps put together a brief history of the pump industry telling the story of pump development since the Egyptians invented the 'shadoof'. in 200BC. We stopped then at 1999, but here we bring the story right up to date with some of the main industry events of recent times. F. ifty Years ago, Trade & Technical Press launched a new magazine to report on technical develop- ments in Pumps . The original title of Pumping was short-lived, being soon supplanted by the pan-European Pumps , Pompes, Pumpen in 1965 as the magazine linked up with the fledgling Europump association.

www.worldpumps.com WORLD PUMPS January 2009 years a very short time in the history of pumping. Indeed, looking back at the most significant developments in technology, the last fifty years seem


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