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WST LED - LED Lighting, Controls and Daylighting …

Optional Back Box (BBW)Height:4 ( cm)Width:5-1/2 ( cm)Depth:1-1/2 ( cm)5-1/241-1/2 WALL SCONCE BBW (Back Box Wall) MOUNTINGHW5-1/241-1/2 WALL SCONCE BBW (Back Box Wall) MOUNTINGDFor 3/4 NPT side-entry conduitWST LEDA rchitectural Wall SconceLuminaireCatalog NumberNotesTypeHeight:8-1/2 ( cm)Width:17 ( cm)Depth:10-3/16 ( cm)Weight: 20 lbs( kg)One Lithonia Way Conyers, Georgia 30012 Phone: 2011-2018 Acuity Brands lighting , Inc. All rights reserved. Hit the Tab key or mouse over the page to see all interactive Back Box (PBBW) ( cm) ( cm) ( cm)SpecificationsWST-LEDRev. 06/21 3/4" NPTSIDE-ENTRYHWFOR 1/4"MOUNTINGBOLTSHC apable LuminaireThis item is an A+ capable luminaire, which has been designed and tested to provide consistent color appearance and system-level interoperability.

To see complete photometric reports or download .ies files for this product, visit Lithonia Lighting’s WST LED homepage. 0 0 4 3 2 1 1 2 3 4-1


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