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M222 and siblings tree

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Guthrie News Flash - guthriegenealogy.com

Guthrie News Flash - guthriegenealogy.com


Niall Modal haplotye includes a SNP of M222+ while ours is M222‐. So we are not ... Adam Guthrie would fall on a mutual family tree. DNA is ... DNA makes it highly likely that they are indeed siblings

  Tree, Sibling, M222

M222 and siblings Tree

M222 and siblings Tree


M222 and siblings Tree Z2961 FGC6539/FGC6540 M222/S629/S634/S635/S S645/S6149/Z2956/Z295 Douglas TRAINOR HG02501 S7073(FGC462) JJ KENNEDY Male KENNEDY

  Tree, Sibling, M222 and siblings tree, M222

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