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Pramitol 25e

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Broadleaf Herbicides - Specialty Turf & Ag

Broadleaf Herbicides - Specialty Turf & Ag


www.specialtyturfag.com 1-800-685-4521 CHEMICAL Available Sizes 1-800-685-4521 www.specialtyturfag.com CHEMICAL PROFESSIONAL CHEMICALS Pramitol 25E

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Pramitol 25E - CDMS

Pramitol 25E - CDMS


Page 3 of 5 Recompaction of the site following disking or plowing will allow good penetration of PRAMITOL 25E and will help to ensure proper asphalt curing and good weed control.

  Cdms, Pramitol 25e, Pramitol

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