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番号 単語 品詞 意味 用例 「兵庫版中学生のための英単語集」 ~はばたけ世界へ!『はば単』~ 52angry 形 怒った、怒って W h at’s em r? Y ou l k ng y. 53animal 名 動物 I like an m s. 54animation 名 動画、アニメーション J ap n esi m t of u r dh w l . 55anime 名 (日本の)アニメ J ap n esmg d irl ov y c u t .




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1 URL: URL: ~koko-bo/13kyouzai/habatan/ QR QR 1,700 PC

2 1a (an) an I have a be able to I want to be able to speak I want to know about Australia. Our school has about 300 ( )This place is about 400 meters above sea study abroad I want to study abroad in the We should accept other I had a car accident. 8across The park is across the street from the We think and act differently in each I watched their actions You should be active in We enjoyed a lot of activities in The actor's performance was very Actually, he wasn't a What should I add to my speech?

3 16addition in addition In addition to him, two other students joined Please write your name and The fee for an adult is one thousand Living near the station is a great I like books which have a lot of Thank you for your be afraid of Don t be afraid of making I want to go to after school I will see you after Good afternoon. I play baseball in the See you She was always against I came to Japan at the age of long ago He came to Japan three years agree with I agree with We need air and water to conditioner It's too hot.

4 Let's turn on the air There is an airport in This album is very important to All right. All of the students joined the festival. Are you all right?36allow Swimming is not allowed at this beach. 37almost We are almost My younger sister was alone until I came He was walking along a dark I have already finished my not only but .. She likes Japanese food. She also likes cooking Assistant Language Teacher Our ALT is from Although I like dogs, my mother likes I always listen to I am - was - been am ing I am a junior high school A: What time is it now?

5 B: It's 10 That's amazing!48 America Did you enjoy your stay in America?49 American ( ) I learned a lot about American That singer has become popular among young I need a pen and a notebook. 1 52angry What s the matter? You look I like Japanese animation is famous around the Japanese manga and anime are loved in many This year is our school's tenth They announced that the train would be another cup (piece) of Would you like another cup of coffee?

6 59answer I will answer your Do you have any questions? I don't have any questions. You can ask any I am not hungry Anyone is welcome to our school festival. Does anyone know who he is?63anything I can eat anything. Do you have anything to do after lunch?64anytime You can visit us Anyway, let's go back to our You can sit anywhere. Don't go anywhere!67appear The man appeared after the meeting I like apples better than In April, we can see many My dream is to be an we, you, they are ing are - were - beenWe are junior high school I will show you the shopping area of my I broke my right arm when I was playing around the world Please sit around the table.

7 I arrived there around seven o' The arrival time of Flight is 10 Will she arrive in time?77art I am a member of the art This picture was painted by a famous as as .. As I opened the door, the cat came out. As I feel sick, I will not go out today. As you know, we will have tests tomorrow. He is as tall as his father. He worked very hard as a Japan is a country in Many people from Asian countries visit Japan every ask for Please ask me My sister works as a shop He is a famous astronaut in Japan.

8 85at I will see you at the station. Look at He is one of my favorite athletes. 87attack In this game, you can attack other people I attended the club pay attention to May I have your attention, please?90attract The singer's beautiful voice attracted You should look at the audience when you The war ended on August 15, I visited my aunt He will go to Australia this I have some Australian You can eat delicious fruits in 97average The average score on the test was far away My house is far away from have a baby My cousin will have a baby next be back I will be back That's too bad.

9 Bad - worse - worstThat's bad I started playing badminton when I was ten years I need a big There is a good bakery next to my The boy couldn't keep his balance on his new bicycle. 106ball I have three Children like playing with This toy is made of I eat a banana every school band / brass band I play the guitar in a Go down this street and turn left at the I like playing Let's start with this basic I am a member of the basketball take a bath Japanese people like taking a Where is the bathroom?

10 117be be I want to be a Let's go to the beach after Some bears live in this Look at the beautiful We enjoyed the beauty of nature in the because of I will not go out because I am become - became - becomeMy brother became a go to bed I go to bed at 10 every My bedroom is on the second Kobe beef is popular among foreign be have been to I have been to America I will finish my homework before dinner.

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