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PR EM IU M GRILLS - Broilmaster

Table of Contents GETTING TO KNOW YOUR BROILMASTER GRILL 2-17 RUBS 19 Prime Rib Rub 20 Blackening Rub 21 Carolina BBQ Rub 22 Jazzin’ BBQ Dry Rub 23 KC Rib Rub SAUCES 25 Republic of Texas Real BBQ Sauce 26 Carolina Vinegar Sauce 27 Deep South BBQ Sauce 28 Hickory and Honey BBQ Sauce 29 Tiger Sauce 30 Brisket Beer Mop 31 Barbecue Sauce Americana 32 Sweet Dreamin’ Birmingham Rib


  Grill, Prime, Prime rib, Pr em iu m grills




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