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epithet). The genus and species (spp. for plural abbreviation and sp. for singular abbreviation) names are either underlined or italicized in print. Together, Acer saccharum describes the species name for the commonly named Sugar Maple. A species is a group of plants that share many of the same characteristics that are passed along from

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CSE Citation Style - Quick Guide


Journal titles: When citing a journal, use the official abbreviation of its title. (See page 2 for finding standard abbreviations.) Within the reference, end the journal abbreviation with a period. If the journal is online include the URL, but if that is not listed use the medium designator [Internet], and place the period after the square bracket.


1 00 FOREST TREES - Alabama Forestry Commission


species. The third part is an abbreviation for the person who first described and scientifically named the species.For example, the scientific name of the white oak is Quercus alba L. Quercus is Latin for oak, alba is Latin for white, and L is the abbreviation for Linnaeus, the Swiss botanist. A few words of caution are in order about using ...


LECTURE NOTES - Carter Center


Most foods are made up of several simple substances, which we call nutrients. There are six nutrients each of which has specific function in the body. Those that supply energy are the carbohydrates and fats. Those responsible for growth and repair of tissues cells are proteins. Those, which regulate chemical process in the body, are the vitamins

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If there is a simple request or instruction, then a full stop is used. Examples: Throw the dirt in the dustbin. Stop running! Activity 4: Types of Sentences Write the sentences below in your book and state which type of sentence it is. 1. How many kids are absent today? 2. Dinosaurs lived many years ago. 3. Watch that car! 4.

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