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Block & Bleed Valves Monoflange - DK-LOK USA


www.dklok.com 4 Material of Construction Features t InvestmenU DBTU yPLF JT QrFDJTJPO DBTFE fPS QFrfeDU TtFN BMJgnment. t SUBOEBrE OPO rotBUJOH GrFF TXJvFM TtFN UJQ. t RPMM UIrFBEFE BOE IBrE DIrPNF QMBtFE TtFN fPS MPOH vBMvF MJfe. t PressurF rBUJOH VQ tP QTJH CBrg). t TFNQFrBturF rBUJOH tP ¡' tP ¡C).

  Valves, Bleed, Bleed valves, Dk lok, Dklok

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