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2020 DOE Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Program Review ... - Energy


fuel cell systems at high manufacturing rates. •Project impact of technology improvements on system cost •Identify low cost pathways to achieve the DOE target values •Benchmark against production vehicle power systems •Identify fuel cell system cost drivers to facilitate Fuel Cell Technologies Office programmatic decisions.

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Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in Japan


FCCJ Fuel Cell Commercialization Conference of Japan FCEV Fuel-Cell Electric Vehicles (or FCV) FCV Fuel-Cell Vehicles (or FCEV) FDMA Fire and Disaster Management Agency ... METI Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry MHPS Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems MLIT Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

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Hydrogen Technologies Safety Guide - NREL


primarily proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells. PEM fuel cells are the preferred fuel cell technology for vehicles and other new applications because of their fast start-up time and low operating temperature. These fuel cells are used for stationary power, primarily in backup power units, and to produce electricity for electric vehicles.

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Guide for Fuel Cell Power Systems For Marine and Offshore ...


Foreword ABS recognizes the increasing use of fuel cells in the marine and offshore industries and their benefits. A fuel cell is a device that converts chemical energy from a fuel into electricity through an electrochemical

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Analysis of hydrogen fuel cell and battery efficiency


For hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, the weight compounding in not an issue. In addition, refuelling of the vehicle takes mu ch less time with hydrogen, compared with recharging. Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) Efficiency Hydrogen requires more energy to produce and it usually found in water, hydrocarbons such as

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An Introduction to SAE Hydrogen Fueling Standardization


Hydrogen fueling is critical to the success of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (or Hydrogen Surface Vehicles, HSV) • Factors for success: • Fueling has to be within hydrogen storage system limits. • Fueling rate and driving range have to be acceptable to customer • Vehicles need to fuel at same as today’s rate. •

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CHP Fuel Cell - Energy


fuel. Six leading fuel cell technologies are alkaline (AFC), direct methanol (DMFC), phosphoric acid (PAFC), proton exchange membrane (PEMFC), molten carbonate (MCFC), and solid oxide (SOFC). Four of these technolo-gies – PAFC, PEMFC, MCFC, and SOFC – have been used for CHP. In addition to the fuel cell stack,

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State of the States: Fuel Cells in 2014 - Energy


applications and markets. Customers are taking notice, purchasing fuel cells for a range of applications (see box to the left). In the vast energy landscape of the U.S., where there is an abundance of natural gas and an existing infrastructure of pipelines to deliver it to homes and businesses, fuel cells utilize fuel more efficiently and with sig-

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Cost assessment of hydrogen production from PV and ...


the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell program1, allocates more than US$100 million annually to support the development of hydrogen production through fuel cell development, as well as addressing system and regulatory barriers through research and development. Focus areas include: innovative technologies to increase fuel cell durability

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2020 Annual Evaluation of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle ...


the electrified vehicle market powered by fuel cells in 2030 [6]. • Hyundai has leveraged the international star power of Korean pop band BTS as brand sponsors for their fuel cell-powered NEXO. A marketing campaign titled “Because of You” features video recordings of the seven band members with personal messages about

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Hydrogen Fuel Quality ... - Department of Energy


HDROGEN FUEL UALIT SPECIFICATIONS FOR POLMER ELECTROLYTE FUEL CELLS IN ROAD VEHICLES 1.Introduction The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), through its Fuel Cell Technologies Office (FCTO), supports, among other activities, testing, modeling, and analysis to help establish a technical foundation for requirements in key hydrogen

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特集 SPECIAL REPORTS 固体酸化物形電解セルを用いた 水素 …


Revised Version of the "Strategic Road Map for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells" released by the government in March 2016, targets have been set for the costs of stationary fuel cells and for the numbers of fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) and hydrogen stations to be introduced, and a working group has been

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methanol safe handling manual


2.4.2 Direct Methanol Fuel Cells 28 2.4.3 Turbine Engines 32 2.4.4 Offshore Platforms 35 ... 6.7.3 Response to Methanol-gasoline Blended-fuel Fires 154 7 Emergency Response 155 7.1 Spill Prevention 155 ... a fuel cell in New Zealand, an antifreeze production supervisor in

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Manufacturing Cost and Installed Price Analysis of ...


solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC). Each system is configured for operation in combined heat and power (CHP) mode to allow utilization of the system exhaust heat for building heating. Each systems fuel cell (FC) stack, fuel processor (FP) subsystem, and balance of plant (BOP) design and performance parameters

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Research on safety issues regarding fuel cell vehicles and ...


today’s hybrid vehicles. Most fuel cell vehicle store and draw on this additional electricity in form of batteries. Batteries can also represent the additional danger brought on by the presence of acids, to both the electrical system and the fuel system. More exotic and less researched forms of

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Ammonia as fuel for internal combustion engines


5.3.2 Hydrazine fuel cell 19 5.4 Summary 19 6 DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION 20 7 REFERENCES 22. II ... Ammonia has been used as fuel in vehicles during World War II. Belgium´s then transport department was informed in 1942 that diesel fuel would not be available due to the on-going war [Kroch E]. The bus passengers had increased with 30% during the

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*HP estimates are based on gasoline. Individual systems will vary based on fuel system design, regulator type, fuel cell location, launch G’s etc. ** Return line only needed if using a By-Pass regulator such as the 12-803BP

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High Performance Membrane Humidifiers for Fuel Cells


The high performance membranes are the heart of a proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell stack. FUMATECH produces and develops polyelectrolytes (fumion ® ionomers), ® proton conductive membranes (fumapem membranes) and separation membranes (fumasep ® membranes) based on proprietary technology and designed for

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National Aeronautics and Space Administration


Fuel Cells Demo 2. Surface Robotic Scout . Fuel Cells Demo 1. Lunar Subsurface Mapping. ISRU -End to End . Pilot Plant. ISRU Subsystems . Regolith to O2. Auto Human Assist. In-Space Mfg. Adv EP / Cryo. Surface Power CDM. Advanced . Cryo Fluid Management. ISS Commercial Port. Commercial LEO Free Flyer. Human Landing System Modules & Gateway ...

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Ammonia: zero-carbon fertiliser, fuel and ... - Royal Society


• As a transport fuel, by direct combustion in an engine or through chemical reaction with oxygen in the air in a fuel cell to produce electricity to power a motor. • To store thermal energy through the absorption of water and through phase changes between material states (for example liquid to gas). With its relatively high energy density of

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1 Wind Turbine Energy Storage - University of Notre Dame


Cell voltage is chemically determined and ranges from 1.0-2.2V Figure 5: Schematic drawing of a ow battery. Technically both a fuel cell and an electro-chemical accu-mulator cell Signi cant advantages such as no self-discharge and no degrada-tion for deep discharge Appealing only for long-duration stationary energy storage

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Industry?” Duke J., Economics Spring 2007; XIX. Hydrogen can be used as the primary fuel in an internal combustion engine or in a fuel cell. A hydrogen internal combustion engine is similar to that of a gasoline engine, where hydrogen combusts with oxygen in the air and produces expanding hot gases that directly move the physical parts of an ...

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hydrogen fuel cell and electrolyser systems •Potential for applications in a power range of up to 500kw - on par with industrial diesel generators •Market for stationary and semi-stationary fuel cells coupled with H2 production could grow to EUR 15bn by 2030 in Europe alone QUARTERLY DEVELOPMENTS 18 Image source: SFC Energy

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Hydrogen Fuel Cells Fact Sheet - California Hydrogen


The fuel cell — an energy conversion device that can efficiently capture and use the power of hydrogen — is the key to making it happen. ... Solid Oxide (SOFC) 650–1000ºC 1202–1832ºF 5kW–3 MW 85% overall with CHP (60% electric) • Auxiliary power • Electric utility

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Electricity Storage Technology Review - Energy


Methanol with Hydrogen Fuel Cell o Specific enabling technologies that may benefit from additional R&D include: Electrolysis (generally), Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC), and High-Temperature Steam Electrolysis (HTSE) that couples 800°C steam with solid-oxide electrolysis to reduce the electricity requirement

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Graphite-Based Bipolar Plates for PEM Motive Fuel Cell ...


Advanced Energy Technologies LLC DOE Bipolar Plates Workshop Feb 14th2017. 2 Outline ... • Next Generation BiPolarPlates for Automotive PEM Fuel Cells, GrafTech International, DE-FC36-07GO17012, Project Period March 1 2007 to September 30, 2009

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Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Light ...


Jan 28, 2022 · of 10,000 pounds or less and is powered by CNG, LPG, or hydrogen fuel cell or other electric drive (plug-in or plug-in hybrid). Additionally, vehicles classified by the EPA as a “Medium-Duty Passenger Vehicle” or a “Class 2b Heavy-Duty Vehicle" with a GVWR up to and including 10,000 pounds and operating on an eligible fuel are included in

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Benefits Stemming from Space Exploration - NASA


Solar cells, batteries and fuel cells were driven by ... The early missions also formed the technological basis for advanced space exploration, enabling the first robotic and human missions to the Moon, as well as highly capable planetary ...

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Electric Vehicle Trends and Projections


Oct 24, 2019 · emissions, fuel economy data, technology data, and auto manufacturers’ performance in meeting the agency’s GHG emissions standards EVs, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), and fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) are a …

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Question Bank (I-scheme)


27. Full form of PEM in fuel cell a) petrol-exchange membrane b) proton-execute membrane c) proton-exchange membrane d) petrol-execute membrane 28. Which vehicles do not require the same level of battery power and do not achieve the same levels of fuel economy a) Mild Hybrid b) Full Hybrid c) Series Hybrid d) Parallel Hybrid 29.

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Development of battery energy storage system model in ...


lead acid, lithium ion, sodium sulphur, redox flow battery, fuel cell, supercapacitor, superconducting magnetic, compressed air, flywheel, pumped hydro, etc. Each of them have its pros and cons in term of physical size, life span, scalability, cost, maintainability, capital expenditures, operating expenses and return of investment.

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Potential Roles of Ammonia in a Hydrogen Economy


hydrogen carrier for fuel cell vehicles. Ammonia has a number of favorable attributes, the primary one being its high capacity for hydrogen storage, 17.6 wt.%, based on its molecular structure. However, in order to release hydrogen from ammonia, significant energy input as well as reactor mass and volume are required.

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Energy and the Hydrogen Economy


Preliminary results of our study have already been presented at THE FUEL CELL WORLD conference in July 2002 [1]. 2. Properties of Hydrogen The physical properties of hydrogen are well known [2, 3]. It is the smallest of all atoms. Consequently, hydrogen is the lightest gas, about 8 times lighter than methane (representing natural gas).

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Turbulence after lift-off: global economic outlook 2022/23


Fuel cells Batteries Wind Solar Oil Original-Diagramm: siehe Figure 9 Key takeaways. 4 Swiss Re Institute sigma No 5/2021 Key takeaways We forecast global insurance demand to grow faster than its long-term trend rate in 2022 and 2023. Real insurance premium forecasts, global regions

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Prepared by Element Energy Ltd for the Department for ...


Peer / Industry Review External review of data ... Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCHJU) Hydrogen Europe Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) ... 2016 2018 2020 2022 2024 W e Year ITM Power - PEM electrolyser cost reduction with scale Cost £/kW Plant Size /MW

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Electrolyzers Clean power generation. 先進的クリーンエネルギー貯蔵事業. Hydrogen storage Compresse d air storage. 岩塩空洞への エネルギー貯蔵. Expanders H. 2. combustion turbines Fuel cells Flow batteries Off-takers. 電力 圧縮空気 水素. プロジェクトの位置関係. 出典:LADWP Los Angeles Times. Los ...

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An Evaluation of the Total Cost of Ownership of Fuel Cell ...


NREL is a national laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, operated by the Alliance for Sustainable Energy, LLC. National Renewable Energy Laboratory 15013 Denver West Parkway Golden, Colorado 80401 303-275-3000 • www.nrel.gov Contract No. DE-AC36-08GO28308 . An Evaluation of the Total Cost

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Manufacturing Competitiveness Analysis for PEM and ...


Fuel Cell Seminar and Energy Expo. 11/08/2017. CEMAC – Clean Energy Manufacturing Analysis Center 2 Agenda ... PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) Rated stack Consumption 7.20 14.40 14.00 28.00 40.00 45.00 160.00 250.00 1250.00 kW Startup time: millisecond scale < 10 sec Sec

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Hydrogen Storage - Energy


Storage system cost $/kWh 6 4 2 Cycle life (25-100%) cycles 500 1000 1500 Cycle life variation % of mean (min) @ % confidence N/A 90/90 99/90 Minimum delivery pressure of H 2 from tank, FC=fuel cell, I=ICE atm (abs) 8 FC 10 ICE 4 FC 35 ICE 3 FC 35 ICE System fill time (for 5 kg) min 10 3 2.5 Loss of useable hydrogen (g/h)/kg H 2 stored 1 0.1 0.05

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designs and manufactures battery electric vehicles (“BEV”), hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (“FCEV”), and hydrogen station infrastructure. Since approximately 2016, Nikola has focused on producing FCEV trucks. Later, Nikola also began to develop BEV trucks. Nikola’s common

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Fuel Cell Truck System Cost Analysis - Energy


Fuel Cell Truck Analysis Two powertrain architecture options can be considered: 1. Battery powered electric vehicle with fuel cell range extender 2. Fuel cell dominant system with battery for peak acceleration events 6 • DFMA analysis of FC Medium Duty Vehicle (MDV) or Heavy Duty Vehicle (HDV) • Leverage past work:

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Fuel Cell Technologies Overview


Jun 07, 2021 · Fuel cells use a wide range of fuels and feedstocks; deliver power for applications across multiple sectors; provide long-duration energy storage for the grid in reversible systems. U.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY OFFICE OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY & RENEWABLE ENERGY HYDROGEN AND FUEL CELL TECHNOLOGIES OFFICE 3

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Fuel Cell and Battery Electric Vehicles Compared


Calculated weight of fuel cell electric vehicles and battery electric vehicles as a function of the vehicle range . As shown here, the extra weight to increase the range of the fuel cell EV is negligible, while the battery EV weight escalates dramatically for ranges greater than 100 to 150 miles due to weight compounding. ...

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Fuel Cell and Its Applications: A Review - IJERT


Solid Oxide (SOFC) Microbial Fuel Cell Common Electrolyte . Perfluoro sulfonic acid . Aqueous solution of potassium hydroxide soaked in a matrix . Phosphoric acid soaked in a matrix . Solution of lithium, sodium, and/ or potassium carbonates . Yttria stabilized zirconia . Microbes Operating Temperature . 50-100°C 122-

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Fuel Cells R&D Overview - Energy


Apr 29, 2019 · u.s. department of energy office of energy efficiency & renewable energy fuel cell technologies office 9 Towards a Combined Durability-System Cost Metric * SA Inc., bottom-up analysis of model system manufacturing cost, high volume manufacturing with next …

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