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Fracturas de Húmero Proximal - SO.GA.C.O.T


2. Fracturas con desprendimiento de la cabeza y/o necrosis avascular 3. Fracturas por impactación que afectan a más del 40% de la superficie articular 4. Determinadas fracturas con 3 fragmentos en pacientes de edad avanzada con hueso osteoporótico 5. Osteonecrosis

  Avascular, Necrosis, Necrosis avascular

Necrosis avascular de cabeza femoral


Avascular necrosis of the femoral head is a multifactorial pathology characterized by the progressive destruction of the bone architecture in the hip joint, secondary to an alteration of local blood flow, and which, if not intervened in time, generates total joint collapse. It can have both a

  Avascular, Necrosis, Avascular necrosis, Necrosis avascular

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