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The Subordinate Conjunction - chompchomp.com


1 THE SUBORDINATE CONJUNCTION Recognize a subordinate conjunction when you find one. Some sentences are complex.Such sentences have two clauses, one main (or independent) and one subordinate (or dependent). The essential component in a complex sentence is the subordinate conjunction:

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The Collective Noun - chompchomp.com


1 THE COLLECTIVE NOUN Recognize a collective noun when you find one. Nouns name people, places, and things.Collective nouns, a special class, name groups (which are things) composed of members (usually people). Review the chart below: COLLECTIVE NOUNS army audience board cabinet class

  Collective, Chompchomp, Noun, The collective noun, Collective nouns

The Appositive


Grammar Bytes! |chompchomp.com ©2018 2 A hot-tempered tennis player, Robbie charged the umpire and tried to crack the poor man's skull with a racket. When the appositive interrupts the sentence, it …

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Comma Splices and Fused Sentences – Exercise 2


Grammar Bytes! |chompchomp.com ©2018 3 14. Syed finally decided to clean out his disorganized book bag, old US Government handouts, math notes from Intermediate Algebra, leaky ballpoint pens, and a smashed banana littered the inside. 15. With sharp scissors, Thinh tried to even her client's hair, but the woman kept twisting in her seat to yell at her two small children who were terrorizing ...

  Exercise, Intermediate, Chompchomp, Sentences, Inside, Fused, Splices, Comma, Comma splices and fused sentences exercise

Subject-Verb Agreement – Exercise 3


Grammar Bytes! |chompchomp.com ©2018 3 _____ 19. Mary Anne's compassion, as well as the Professor's intelligence and the Skipper's good humor, are what Jillian most enjoys about Gilligan

  Exercise, Agreement, Subject, Verb, Chompchomp, Gilligan, Subject verb agreement exercise 3

Comma Tip 1


Grammar Bytes! | chompchomp.com | ©2018 3 Laverne shouted, "There's a giant spider tangled in your hair!" [Introductory speaker tag] QUICK TEST Directions: Add commas where they are necessary. 1. Because she is short Francine loves to go food shopping with Rachel, a tall friend.


The Clause


Grammar Bytes! |chompchomp.com ©2018 4 If, however, we revise dog and choose more specific words instead, the relative clause becomes nonessential and does require commas to separate it from the

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Fragments – Exercise 1


Grammar Bytes! |chompchomp.com ©2018 3 14. (A) Raja knew that his roommate Tina had cupcakes hidden in the apartment.(B) He looked everywhere. (C) Including in the clothes hamper, on top of the bookcases,

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