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The Nestlé Sustainability Review - Nestlé Global


behind the brand. These Principles have been translated into over forty languages and all Nestlé managers are required to know and abide by them. They are incorporated into our ongoing training programmes, particularly for new employees. Topics covered in the Nestlé Corporate Business Principles include: national legislation and

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Principios corporativos - Nestlé


Código de conducta empresarial de Nestlé ... de todos, tanto en la actualidad como para las nuevas generaciones. La diversidad y la inclusión son parte integral de la cultura de Nestlé. Promovemos la inclusión de todas las comunidades, culturas y edades

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The Nestlé Management and Leadership Principles


6 The Nestlé Management and Leadership Principles In addition to how our managers carry out their work as leaders, Nestlé pragmatically implements the following organisational principles: • Being as decentralised as possible to optimally respond to the needs of consumers, within the framework defined by our fundamental

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The Nestlé Policy on Safety and Health at Work


2 The Nestlé Policy on Safety and Health at Work At the same time, Nestlé judges that employee involvement is indispensable to establish and maintain safety and health in the workplace. Respect of safety principles, standards and procedures is a condition of employment. Conversely, employees are empowered to:

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The Nestlé Employee Relations Policy


To foster this culture as a competitive advantage, the Nestlé Employee Relations Policy provides a frame of reference for the collective relationships with trade unions and other employee representatives based on the “human rights and labour practices” chapter of the Nestlé Corporate Business Principles and on the Human Resources Policy.

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The Nestlé People Development Review


2 The Nestlé People Development Review Nestlé is today the world’s leading food company, with a 135-year history and operations in virtually every country in the world. Our principal assets are not office buildings, factories, or even brands. Rather, it is the fact that we are a global organisation comprised of many nationalities,

  Development, Review, Nestl, Review development, Development review nestl

The Nestlé Human Resources Policy


encounter, reach sustainable agreements and implement them. Corporate policy: The Nestlé Employee Relations Policy Employee relations The Human Resources management described in this document requires and supports an organisation “on the move”. Nestlé is committed to continue the journey to establishing flat and flexible structures with

  Policy, Human, Agreement, Resource, Nestl, 233 human resources policy

The Nestlé Human Resources Policy


The Nestlé Human Resources Policy This policy encompasses those guidelines which constitute a sound basis for efficient and effective HR Management in the Nestlé Group around the world. They are in essence flexible and dynamic and may require adjustment to a variety of circumstances. Therefore its implementation will be inspired by sound ...

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La Política de Recursos Humanos de Nestlé


de alto rendimiento reforzada por un desarrollo y una compensación diferenciados. Esto viene dado por el alineamiento de responsabilidades claras y desafiantes, así como por el hecho de que cada empleado es consciente del impacto que su trabajo tiene en Nestlé. El jefe y el empleado trabajan juntos para

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Financial Statements 2016 - Nestlé


62 Consolidated Financial Statements of the Nestlé Group 2016 Consolidated balance sheet as at 31 December 2016 before appropriations In millions of CHF Notes 2016 2015 Assets Current assets Cash and cash equivalents 12/16 7 990 4 884 Short-term investments 12 1 306 921 Inventories 6 8 401 8 153 Trade and other receivables 7/12 12 411 12 252 Prepayments and …

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The Nestlé commitment to Africa - Nestlé Global


5 1 Africa’s challenges and opportunities The images of Africa we see on the nightly news reflect the huge problems facing the African people – armed

  Challenges, Opportunities, Africa, Nestl, Challenges and opportunities

Products and brands - Nestlé


important business channel. Visibility has been enhanced and sales stimulated by the creation of shop-in-shops, a proven route to market for luxury brands, in major European department stores and by its first boutique store in Paris. Nestlés major chocolate/malt beverage brands, especially Nesquikand Milo,have been given a heightened visual ...

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Financial Statements 2017 - Nestlé


Consolidated Financial Statements of the Nestlé Group 2017 71 Notes 1. Accounting policies Accounting convention and accounting standards The Consolidated Financial Statements comply with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) issued by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and with Swiss law.

  2017, Testament, Financial, Consolidated, Nestl, Consolidated financial statements, Financial statements 2017

Política y procedimientos de Nestlé para la implementación ...


4 Política y procedimientos de Nestlé para la implementación del código La evolución de nuestra política En 1981, la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS) adoptó el Código Internacional de Comer - cialización de Sucedáneos de la Leche Materna de la OMS. Este código es más conocido como el «Código de la OMS». Se trata de un conjunto

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Accelerate, Transform, Regenerate: Nestlé’s Net Roadmap


Nestlé’s Net Zero Roadmap. What’s not included . As a company at the start of its net zero journey, following SBTi guidelines for now we have excluded the following emissions from our net zero pledge: Progress toward net zero will be measured against our 2018 GHG emissions. We calculated this baseline and defined our

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Financial Statements 2019 - Nestlé


Consolidated Financial Statements of the Nestlé Group 2019 67 Consolidated statement of comprehensive income for the year ended December 31, 2019 In millions of CHF Notes 2019 2018 Profit for the year recognized in the income statement 12 904 10 468 Currency retranslations, net of taxes 17 (1 050) (1 004)

  Testament, Financial, Consolidated, Nestl, Financial statements, Consolidated financial statements

Code of Business Conduct - Nestlé


Code f usiness onduct 1 Introduction Since its founding, Nestlé’s business practices have been governed by integrity, honesty, fair dealing and full compliance with all applicable


Corporate Governance Report 2014 Compensation Report …


Corporate Governance Report 2014 Compensation Report 2014 Articles of Association of Nestlé S.A. Amended by the AnnuaI General Meeting of 10 April 2014

  Governance, Report, Corporate, Nestl, Corporate governance report

RSPO Supply Chain Systems Overview - Nestlé Global


THREE CRITERIA FOR CHOOSING THE BEST RSPO SUPPLY CHAIN SYSTEM FOR YOUR COMPANY: 1. Your market claim Does your company want to claim the physical presence of

  System, Nestl

Letter to our shareholders - Nestlé


Letter to our shareholders Dear fellow shareholder, 2016 was an exceptional year in exceptional times. We reached a milestone, our 150th anniversary, a celebration of a century and a half of passion for nutrition and for quality. But this achievement comes as our industry is at a …

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The Nestlé Policy on Environmental Sustainability


The estlé olicy n nvironmental ustainability 3 5. Distribution Delivering the products in highest quality and on time from the factory to customer is a vital

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Microbiological specifications - Nestlé


4 Three types of microbiological criteria: Codex Alimentarius 5 Assessing adherence to microbiological specifications ... The safety of foodstuffs is neither guaranteed nor controlled by microbiological testing. The safety of foodstuffs is primarily ensured by …

  Microbiological, Criteria, Nestl, Microbiological criteria, Foodstuffs

The Nestlé Policy and Procedures for the Implementation of ...


by the WHO International Code of Marketing of Breast Milk Substitutes as to market our infant formulas responsibly. The Policy and Procedures in this document explain how we support and protect breast-feeding across our company and within our sphere of influence.Compliance with national legislation implementing the WHO Code, as

  International, Code, Marketing, Milk, Nestl, Breast, International code of marketing of breast milk

The Rules of Sustainable Packaging - Nestlé


Building the Future Today The Rules of Sustainable Packaging are defined by two key sets of rules: 1. The Golden Rules –confirmed attributes that define the way we design our packaging today and in the future. 2. The Negative List –a list of materials which we will consider as obsolete in the short-term, taking into

  Building, Sustainable, Nestl

Food Fraud Prevention - Nestlé


food, or food fraud. This booklet • Describes a process for food fraud prevention and the principles of the vulnerability assessment; • Outlines measures that can deter fraudsters, or give early detection of food fraud; • Provides sources of information and intelligence that may help to identify emerging threats.

  Food, Prevention, Fraud, Nestl, Detection, Food fraud prevention

Reporting Scope and Methodology for ESG Key Performance


3. Percentage of key ingredients produced sustainably Introduction Nestlé is committed to sourcing its key ingredients with care and respect for individuals, communities, and the planet. In 2013, two commitments and KPIs were introduced, related to the percentage of total volume traceable and the percentage of total volume responsibly sourced ...

  Performance, Introduction, Nestl, Key performance, Introduction nestl

Maternity Protection Policy - Nestlé


maternity leave up to six months. The maternity leave beyond the minimum paid 14 weeks as stated in paragraph 1.a will be remunerated in accordance with local legislation and/or local practices. c. Both provisions (1a and b) are applicable to all employees who are the primary caregivers 1 of their newborns including male employees and adoptive ...

  Practices, Nestl, Maternity

Financial Statements 2018 - Nestlé


Sales 3 91 439 89 590 Other revenue 311 332 Cost of goods sold (46 070) (45 571) Distribution expenses (8 469) (8 023) Marketing and administration expenses (20 003) (19 818) Research and development costs (1 687) (1 739) Other trading income 4 37 112 Other trading expenses 4 (1 769) (1 606) Trading operating profi t 3 13 789 13 277

  Seal, Testament, Financial, Nestl, Financial statements

Corporate Governance Report 2020 Compensation Report


Nestlé or one of its subsidiaries of newly or already issued convertible debentures, debentures with option rights or other financial market instruments. Thus the Board of Directors has at its disposal a flexible instrument enabling it, if necessary, to finance the activities of the Company through convertible debentures.

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Creating Shared Value and Sustainability Report 2020 Appendix


Bureau Veritas, to provide independent assurance for this Creating Shared Value and Sustainability Report 2020. This process aims to provide assurance to Nestlé’s stakeholders of the accuracy, reliability and objectivity of the reported information and to confirm that it covers our most material issues. Summary Assurance Statement

  Bureau, Nestl, Veritas, Bureau veritas

Progress Report 2019 - Nestlé


Creating Shared Value Individuals and families Communities Planet Reporting and governance Creating Shared Value Progress Report 2019 05. Food is a pillar of culture, bringing people together and providing nutrition that is key to good health. To ensure a healthy future for all

  Report, Progress, Nestl, Progress report

Foreign Body Prevention & Detection - Nestlé


- Downstream steps such as warehousing and distribution. ©2016, Nestec Ltd., Vevey (Switzerland) January 1, 2016 PAGE 4 ... Main Foreign Body risks: ... Properly sized frames and housing should be in place.

  Distribution, Prevention, Foreign, Main, Body, Nestl, Frame, Detection, Foreign body prevention amp detection

Our people - Nestlé


Compliance Our people Our business is built on integrity, honesty, fair dealing and legal compliance, and we expect our global team of 327 537 people to live these values every day. …

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The Nestlé concept of corporate social responsibiilty


12 Knowledge transfer and farm assistance Sourcing practices for quality, safety and sustainability Research and development for better yields Partnerships for sustainable agriculture 16 17 20 23 Manufacturing and distribution 26 Food safety through improved standards of operations Risk management for food safety — Early Warning System ...

  Social, Corporate, Risks, Concept, Transfer, Farm, Nestl, Responsibility, 233 concept of corporate social responsibiilty

Tackling Child Labor - Nestlé


2019 (cumulative) 2019 2019 2017 1,553 2019 1,751 2019 73,248 in the database 2012-2016 CHF9.9m 2012-2018 CHF19.3m 2017 2019 Number of children aged 5-17 being monitored 40,728 78,580 Number of children identified in child labor and currently in the system 7,002 18,283 Child labor rate 17% 23% Number of children who received

  2019, Child, Labor, Tackling, Nestl, Tackling child labor, 2019 2019



A little over ten year ago we launched our global sustainability initiative: the Nescafé Plan. That makes this is an ideal time to pause and reflect on the progress we’ve made, note the challenges that remain and consider how best to address them. Nescafé had been engaged in sustainability on a local level for a long time. The Nescafé Plan


Corporate Business Principles - Nestlé


In line with our purpose and values and the way we do business, the Corporate Business Principles set out in this document guide the actions and behaviors of everyone at the company and reflect our culture which has developed over the span of more than 150 years. They provide a strong ethical framework,

  Business, Principles, Corporate, Value, Nestl, Corporate business principles

Mini Nutritional Assessment MNA - Nestlé


Mini Nutritional Assessment MNA® Complete the screen by filling in the boxes with the appropriate numbers. Total the numbers for the final screening score. 0 = severe decrease in food intake IF BMI IS NOT AVAILABLE, REPLACE QUESTION F1 WITH QUESTION F2. DO NOT ANSWER QUESTION F2 IF QUESTION F1 IS ALREADY COMPLETED.

  Assessment, Mini, Nestl, Nutritional, Mini nutritional assessment

Nestlé Creating Shared Value Report 2009 - Nestlé Global


www.nestle.com/CSV 1 Nestlé Creating Shared Value Report 2009 Creating Shared Value at Nestlé About our reporting Reporting performance Nutrition Water and ...

  Creating, Value, Nestl, Nestle, Shared, Creating shared value, 233 creating shared value

Nestlé Hellas - Nestlé Global


5 Nestlé Hellas Sustainability and CSV Report 2011 Chapter 1 / A message from the CEO A message from the CEO Nestlé has been present in Greece through its products for more than a century.

  Nestl, Halle, 233 hellas

Nestle Quality Requirements Vendors Raw Packaging …


GENERAL REQUIREMENTS FOR MATERIALS The Vendor must meet the requirements for the technical characteristics of the material as described in the specification issued by Nestlé. The materials sold to Nestlé must be fit for their purpose, authentic and produced without adulteration. Raw material Vendors must have in place a food fraud ...

  Requirements, Material, Nestl

Nestlé Responsible Sourcing Standard


• Comply with all applicable anti-bribery laws, including those based on OECD models which apply to Nestlé ultimate parent company and its operations globally. Nestlé Tier 1 suppliers shall not offer, make, solicit or accept improper payments from or for government officials,directly or indirectly, and shall not

  Code, Standards, Responsible, Nestl, Anti, Bribery, Sourcing, 233 responsible sourcing standard

NESTLÉ IN SOCIETY REPORT 2020 - Nestlé Malaysia


this Report, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) was engaged to undertake a limited independent assurance on selected key material issues. Please refer to the full independent assurance statement at the end of this Report for more details on the scope of work and observations. Icons in this report AR Annual Review 2020 NIS Nestlé in Society Report 2020

  Report, Limited, Society, Assurance, Independent, Nestl, Pricewaterhousecoopers, 201 in society report, Limited independent assurance, Independent assurance, 233 in society report

Nestlé Consumer Communication Principles


principles for communication specifically aimed at children. By “children” in general we mean those under 12 years, but definitions may vary from country to country. Nestlé must at all times be diligent in applying these principles, and use common sense and good judgment to interpret them appropriately for each country.

  Principles, Applying, Nestl

Nestlé Commitment on Deforestation and Forest


2 Nestl ommitmen eforestatio n ores tewardship We consider three years as sufficient time for suppliers to show material progress towards delivering traceability and ...

  Forest, Commitment, Nestl, Deforestation, 233 commitment on deforestation and forest

Nestlé Quality Policy


leadership, dedication and passion. Mark Schneider Chief Executive Officer Quality is an integral part of Nestlé’s Corporate Business Principles. These principles guide our ... nutrition, health and wellness needs, at every moment of the day and across their lifetime. This trust is based upon our quality image

  Leadership, Nestl, Wellness

Nestlé’s Task Force on Climate-related Financial ...


The Sustainability Committee will provide strategic guidance on climate-related matters and will report to the full Board of Directors, which has overall oversight. The Sustainability Committee of the Board will meet at least three times per year. An Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Sustainability Council has been established at the

  Financial, Sustainability, Nestl



currency fluctuations and interest rate movements), liquidity risk and risk of an increase in cost of capital, ... of Directive 2004/25/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 April 2004 ... The loss of this year is clearly generated from the foreign exchange variation, since 2008 it …

  International, Finance, Foreign, Directive, Currency, Nestl, 201 finance international ltd

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