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Provider Memorandum- 837I Billing Guidelines for


Not every revenue service line on an 837I/UB-04 outpatient claim needs to have an HCPCS/CPT code. But, if the one is reported it will be considered and weighted with all the

  Guidelines, Provider, Memorandum, Billing, Hcpcs, Provider memorandum 837i billing guidelines for, 837i

AUC Coding Recommendations


1. Provides clarification and answers to frequently asked questions about recommended ways to code for health and medical services on the 837I and 837P electronic claim;

  Coding, Recommendations, 837i, Auc coding recommendations

Exchange EDI Claims Payer List November, 2015 …


Payer Name Payer ID 837P Professional 837I Institutional 1199 National Benefit Fund 13162 1199 National Benefit Fund TLU12 21st Century Insurance and Financial ...

  Lists, Claim, Exchange, Payer, 837i, Exchange edi claims payer list

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