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Using the UEFI Shell - Unified Extensible Firmware


© 2010 Insyde Software 3 Insyde UEFI Support UEFI Shell 2.0 –What is it? UEFI Shell 2.0 –Unique Features Network Browsing Example Application

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E14/R14/E15/S3 Gen 2 User Guide - Lenovo


disabled in UEFI BIOS. • When the computer is off or in hibernation mode, and Charge in Battery Mode is disabled in UEFI BIOS, ensure that you have connected the computer to ac power. To enable the Always On USB feature: 1. Enter the UEFI BIOS menu. See “Enter the UEFI BIOS menu” on page 29. 2.

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AMD NVMe/SATA RAID Quick Start Guide for Windows ...


b. This enables the loading of the AMD-RAID UEFI driver. 4. Initialize the disks, using the RAIDXpert2 Configuration Utility (HII) or UEFI shell. 5. Create arrays, using the HII Configuration Utility or UEFI shell. (Refer to Section 4.1) 6. Load the AMD-RAID drivers during the operating system installation. (Refer to Section 5.1) 7.

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Configuration Guide HPE Smart Array SR Gen10 - Hitachi


System Utilities and UEFI Shell. For on-screen help, press F1. Using UEFI System Utilities To use the System Utilities, use the following keys. Action Key Access System Utilities F9 during server POST Navigate menus Up and Down arrows Select items Enter Save selections F10 Access Help for a highlighted configuration option1 F1 UEFI System ...

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Version 9 - memtest86.com


The UEFI firmware itself also takes up some space compared to a traditional BIOS. 1.3 Compatibility MemTest86 is designed to work with all processors using the Intel/AMD x86 and x86-64 architecture, as well as the ARM64 architecture, running on UEFI systems. Most newer systems are able to run the UEFI version of MemTest86.

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PRIME/PRO/ TUF GAMING X570 Series - Asus


The new ASUS UEFI BIOS is a Unified Extensible Interface that complies with UEFI architecture, offering a user-friendly interface that goes beyond the traditional keyboard-only BIOS controls to enable a more flexible and convenient mouse input. You can easily navigate the new UEFI BIOS with the same smoothness as your operating system. The


Ubuntu Linux Setup Guide - Lenovo


UEFI/Legacy Boot” to “Both”; otherwise, it will be an unchangeable setting to “UEFI only”. • Press function F10 key to save and exit BIOS setup. 5 Section 2 – Discrete vs Hybrid Graphics The Thinkpad P53 and P73 offer both Nvidia and Intel graphics. To run exclusively Nvidia

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EFIS004-Fast boot with UEFI and Win 7 - Intel


Windows 7 does not require Int13 support for storage Use UEFI interface instead Int10 still required Usually possible to initialize the video BIOS without the CSM Int10 still required, but not during POST The video BIOS must be in the C0000 segment and a real - mode IDT at physical address 0x0.

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Access to UEFI settings is only possible by attaching a physical keyboard and mouse. This prevents being able to access UEFI via the Teams Rooms touch-enabled console as well as any other touch-enabled displays attached to Teams Rooms. Kernel Direct Memory Access (DMA) Protection is a Windows 10 setting that is enabled on Teams Rooms. With

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HP ProDesk 600 G1 Business PC Series QuickSpecs 12.03.13


• HP developed and engineered UEFI BIOS supporting security, manageability and software image stability! • Intel® Q85 ®chipset supporting Intel 4th generation Core processors, featuring integrated Intel HD Graphics and Intel Standard Manageability Technology! • Intel® Ethernet Connection I217L GbE LOM integrated network connection!


HP コマーシャルPC BIOS (UEFI) セットアップ 管理 …


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Last Mile Barriers to Removing Legacy BIOS


What is the “last mile km” for UEFI? Retiring legacy code and related processes •Tools (disk duplication, testing, update) •Network Boot (PXE) to legacy images


PCサーバ・クライアント製品 「投機的実行機能を持つ CPU に対するサイドチャネル攻撃」について


© Hitachi, Ltd. 2018. All rights reserved. 日立アドバンストサーバHA8000 シリーズ (1/2) # 装置 モデル 影響 UEFI(BIOS) 対策版適用

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CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam Objectives


• Broad knowledge of security concerns and implementation, including the topics in the domain list ... • Hardware/firmware security - FDE/SED - TPM - HSM - UEFI/BIOS - Secure boot and attestation - Supply chain ... Explain use cases and purpose for frameworks, best practices and secure configuration guides.

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Using the UEFI Shell


UDK2010 (EDK II) Some Insyde customers are shipping InsydeH2O EDK II BIOS now! Insyde is fully engaged and aligned with Intel Client, Server, and SSG on UDK2010 - Active Intel development partner on UDK2010 Insyde will provide a smooth transition from EDK1117 to UDK2010 - Adding support for the new specifications - Improving the industry

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OptaneMemory SOP - Asus


After launching the SetupOptaneMemory application, click Next and follow the steps shown on the installer. The installer will now prompt you to restart your computer, doing so will transfer AHCI mode to RAID mode, and Remapping options will be set to enabled. If the CSM setting is set to default, the Boot from Storage Devices option will be set to UEFI driver first.


Quick Start - download.msi.com


y CPU/ System/ Chipset temperature detection y CPU/ System/ Chipset fan speed detection y CPU/ System/ Chipset fan speed control Form Factor y ATX Form Factor y 12 in. x 9.6 in. (30.4 cm x 24.3 cm) BIOS Features y 1x 256 Mb flash y UEFI AMI BIOS y ACPI 6.1, SM BIOS 2.8 y Multi-language Software y Drivers y DRAGON CENTER y Nahimic Audio y CPU-Z ...

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HP Thin Clients


UEFI Secure Boot that is available on both Windows Embedded OS and HP ThinPro. A highly-secure, hardware-backed vault for storing and protecting authentication data. Physically secure your assets with solutions such as hardware cable lock, and secure7 port cover8. Identity security Active Directory integration with HP ThinPro Multi-factor ...


BIOS User Guide


BIOS User Guide B250GT3. 2 | BIOS Update BIOS Update The BIOS can be updated using either of the following utilities: • BIOSTAR BIOS-FLASHER: Using this utility, the BIOS can be updated from a file on a hard disk, ... It shows system information including UEFI BIOS version, Project Code, Model Name, Build Date and etc.

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Trusted Platform Module (TPM) TCG 1.2 / 2


About This User Guide This user guide is written for system integrators, IT professionals, and knowledgeable end ... drivers/utilities and any pertinent user manuals/guides: ... F. Enabling TXT Support in the UEFI Shell .....49 Preface. 6 TPM User Guide Chapter 1 Introduction Congratulations on purchasing your TPM from an industry leader. ...

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UEFI Secure Boot Customization - U.S. Department of Defense


Sep 15, 2020 · 1 Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) is an interface that exists between platform hardware and software. UEFI is defined and updated via specifications maintained by the UEFI Forum industry body. Support for UEFI is a requirement for some newer software and hardware.

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UEFI System Utilities User Guide for HPE ProLiant Gen10 ...


Enabling or disabling the Embedded UEFI Shell ..... 101 Adding the Embedded UEFI Shell to the UEFI Boot Order list ..... 101 Enabling or disabling automatic execution of the Embedded UEFI Shell startup script . 102

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UEFI Firmware - Securing SMM


presented by UEFI Firmware –Securing SMM UEFI Spring Plugfest –May 18-22, 2015 Presented by Dick Wilkins, Ph.D. Principal Technology Liaison UEFI Plugfest –May 2015 www.uefi.org 1

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UEFI Shell Specification


Jan 26, 2016 · 1057 UEFI Shell Spec Version #define . 05/01/14 : 2.1 . 1087 UEFI Shell Updates: table typos and add .GetEnvEX : 05/01/14 . 2.1 : 1107 Clarification on variable and alias substitution . 05/01/14 : 2.1 1108 .nsh script execution interrupt behavior 05/01/14

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UEFI Shell Specification


1 Version 2.0 1 Introduction 1.1 Overview The UEFI Shell environment provides an API, a command prompt and a rich set of commands that extend and enhance the UEFI Shell

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UEFI Firmware - Security Best Practices


presented by UEFI Plugfest –May 2014 UEFI Firmware Security Best Practices Presented by: Dick Wilkins, PhD Principal Technology Liaison

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UEFI BIOS Recovery 1.0a - Supermicro


To perform UEFI BIOS recovery using a USB-attached device, follow the instruc-tions below. 1. Using a different machine, copy the "Super.ROM" binary image fi le into the disc Root "\" Directory of a USB device or a writeable CD/DVD. Note: If you cannot locate the "Super.ROM" fi le in your driver disk, visit our

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UEFI Firmware Security Concerns and Best Practices


Title: UEFI Firmware Security Concerns and Best Practices Author: Jim Mortensen Created Date: 7/17/2018 5:39:07 PM

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UEFI Shell Specification


1 Version 2.0 1 Introduction 1.1 Overview The UEFI Shell environment provides an API, a command prompt and a rich set of commands that extend …

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UEFI対応情報 - Fujitsu Japan


サーバ本体/osの対応情報[表1] 対応bios版数欄に記載の版数以降をご使⽤ください。 機種名 uefi モード 対応bios版数

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UEFI Shell Specification


in no event will any author or developer of this material or any contribution thereto be liable to any other party for the cost of procuring substitute …

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