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Education in Iraq - reliefweb.int


Education in Iraq April 2010 ... Iraq Education is a fundamental human right ... everywhere in Iraq, all boys and girls alike,

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Protecting the Rights of Children in Iraq - Global Women's ...


Protecting the Rights of Children in Iraq Responses to the Committee on the Rights of the ... Sorensen Center at CUNY Law School, The Situation of Women and Girls in Iraq, Submission to the Human Rights Council Special Session, Human Rights Situation in Iraq, 1 September 2014. ... This rate is affected by the education of the mother (26% of ...

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The Federal Oil & Gas Draft Law The Iraqi Government Version


Compiled by the MoO on 28 th July 2011 Presented by the CoM on 25 Aug 2011 Translated by Iraq Energy Institute – Advisor to the Iraqi Parliamentarian Oil & Energy Committee 3 Body, invitation for bids, opening and analysis of submitted bids, selection of

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HigHer education and Syrian refugee StudentS: tHe caSe of iraq


This report on the tertiary education for young Syrian refugees in Iraq is part of a broader regional study commissioned by UNESCO. The project aims to assess the impact of the conflict in Syria and the results of the crisis on tertiary education in host countries, including Lebanon, Iraq, …

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Education in Iraq: A Cultural Battlefield - MIT


Education in Iraq: Current Situation and New Perspectives, A report on the situa tion today and our strategies for the immediate future. Iraq Ministry of Education, 2004.

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A Quality Education in Iraq - Home page | UNICEF


A Quality Education in Iraq Overview: Education is fast becoming a casualty of Iraq’s ongoing conflict, despite extraordinary determination on the part of government and families to keep schools functioning. Prior to 1990, education was a ... toilets for girls who might otherwise be unable to attend. UNICEF trains teachers and Ministry of

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Backgrounder on Women In Iraq - Human Rights Watch


Background on Women’s Status in Iraq Prior to the Fall of the Saddam Hussein ... Iraqi women and girls have enjoyed relatively more rights than many of ... 9 The Compulsory Education Law 118 ...

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Women in Iraq Factsheet - ReliefWeb


differently on men, women, girls and boys. In Iraq, women and girls have been subjected to gross human rights ... - Promote economic empowerment of women and girls, through education, vocational ...

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Decline of Iraqi women - BRussells Tribunal


The education system in Iraq prior to 1991 was one of the best in the region, with over 100% gross enrolment rate for primary schooling, and a high level of literacy, both of men and women.

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Promoting Gender Equality in Iraq - UNESCO


UNESCO helps ensure that girls and women, as well as boys and men especially those from most vulnerable groups - - have a role in the reconstruction of their nation. As gender equality also concernmen, UNESCO is incrs easingly focusing on the role of men and boys with regard to gender equality in Iraq. Education

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4 Executive Summary This report contains a situation analysis of girls’ education in Iraq and recommendations for improving girls’ access to good quality schooling.

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such as education and health; arbitrary detention and ... practical needs of women and girls. Two percent of the Iraq action plan, 3% of Jordan’s actions and 19% of

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Mid-Year 2018 Iraq - reliefweb.int


Girls and boys receiving education supplies ... Iraq was selected as a pilot country for the Child Survivor Initiative, which seeks to improve quality of and access to services for child

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Women in Iraq Fact sheet March 2012 - reliefweb.int


Women in Iraq Fact sheet March 2012 INTRODUCTION ... obstacles to improvements in girls’ access to education.4 Early marriages remain prevalent, and familial concerns and parental objection

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  States, Reduction, Risks, Disaster, Iraq, State of disaster risk reduction in iraq

Troop Levels in the Afghan and Iraq Wars, FY2001-FY2012 ...


Troop Levels in the Afghan and Iraq Wars, FY2001-FY2012 Congressional Research Service 2 provide support in the region. Because all but the 2,000 troops in the Philippines are linked to the

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Health in Iraq - who.int


Health in Iraq The Current Situation, Our Vision for the Future and Areas of Work Ala'din Alwan, MD, FRCP, FFPH Minister of Health Ministry of Health

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MONETARY POLICY IN IRAQ Current Developments - iraq …


4 – Current Trends in Monetary Policy-Exchange rate appreciation because of inflation.- Adjusting the policy rate. • Raising the rate because of inflation • Reducing the rate because of decline in inflation 5 - New developments in policy • Inflation declined to 7% after being 50% • Policy rate was lowered to 9%

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World War II Vietnam and Iraq - Federation of American ...


Vietnam confl ict, and the ongoing war in Iraq, this newest volume contributes to the high-profi le public dialogue on how U.S. military and civilian agencies can best obtain information from prisoners of war and other categories of legal

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IB 2017, UNGFW - Equal and Adequate Education


report on 'Girls Education: Factsheet,' “Almost a quarter of young women aged 15-24 today (116 million) in developing countries have never completed primary school and so lack skills for ... “Iraq:UNICEF launches back to school campaign to help millions missing out on education.”

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Barriers to Education Globally: Getting Girls in the Classroom


While barriers to girlseducation exist before a crisis, children tell us these barriers continue or are exacerbated by a crisis. Iraq: Transitioning to School after Displacement

  Education, Barriers, Getting, Girl, Iraq, Globally, Barriers to education globally, Getting girls

A White Paper


in Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition to providing post-9/11 wounded warriors access to some of the nation’s best reconstructive surgeons, this program also provides mental-health and peer-to-

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The Inland Petroleum Distribution System in Kuwait and Iraq


14 Engineer July-September 2003 pipeline can move it almost 2 feet per 50 sections of pipe. Each coupling is designed to handle 4 degrees of deflection, so it is

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United States Casualties of War - mophdepartmentpa.org


Complete list of U.S. Casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2003. Fact Sheet on American Wars from the VA DoD historical death tolls

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Updated March 13, 2006 - Federation of American Scientists


adequate resources to girlseducation have both been linked to the achievement of efficient and stable development, particularly in post-conflict regions. Congress has taken an active interest in the issue of women in Iraq over the past

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School feeding programmes - documents.wfp.org


Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Palestine, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan and Yemen. Furthermore, ... rations as a means to promote girlseducation among refugee children in Iran, as well as in the countries of Sudan and Yemen, where educational gender gaps are high.

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“You see it happening to other people and you feel for


What are women and girls safe spaces? 5 3. Why women and girls safe spaces? 5 4. What are the guiding principles for establishing women and girls safe spaces? 7 5. How to establish and run women and girls safe spaces 10 ... of women and girls living with disabilities. . . 20. Iraq: ...

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Manufacturer of GLOBAL Remote Building Solutions


LOCATION: Iraq – Kuwait. DESCRIPTION: Provision, delivery and on-site installation of prefabricated containerized units (accomodation, offices and ablution units).




c. Enrolment of girls UNHCR’s education policy is to achieve gender parity in the enrolment of refugee children. At the 66 locations covered by this note, girls ... Ethiopia and Ghana (each 160), Iraq (140) and Namibia and Rwanda (each 100). Some 85% of all teachers in camps covered by this note are refugees themselves. Generally,

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Iraq Human Development Report 2014 - UNDP in Iraq


Iraq Human Development Report 2014 Iraqi Youth Challenges and Opportunities. Iraq Human Development ... Marriage of Underage Girls: a Typical Form of Family ... Tribal Values Crisis of Youth or of Society? Pluralism and the Iraqi Case Issues of Concern to Youth CHapteR 6 Education Opportunities for the Youth 84 Is Education a Portal to Social ...

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Iraq - Education Policy and Data Center


In Iraq, the gross enrollment rate in primary education is 107% for both girls and boys combined. This decreases to 66% in lower secondary, with a student transition rate to secondary school of 73%. In Iraq, the primary net enrollment rate is 92% and the primary completion rate is 66%.

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Iraq Associated Gas U0lizaon Study - Millennium Promise


Iraq Associated Gas U0lizaon Study Perrine Toledano, Tom Rollason, Shay Banerjee ... “14.6 Flaring of Natural Gas is prohibited, except: (a) in accordance with an Approved Work Program and applicable Permits; or ... approximately a quarter of the demand (42 GW) and the oil and gas industry is the largest consumer of electricity. S Many Iraqis ...

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Iraq - UNHCR


ing 105 girls, received secondary education. Iraq Persons of Concern Main Refugee Total Of whom Per cent Per cent Origin/Type of in UNHCR Female under 18 Population Country assisted Islamic Rep. of Iran 23,900 23,900 47 56 (Refugees) Turkey (Refugees) 12,600 12,600 56 59 Iraq 3,700 1,400 - -

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Iraq National Population Commission (INPC) Iraq Population ...


Iraq needs to develop a national population policy supported with applicable ... education and nutrition, in addition to poverty aviation and environment ... especially among girls and in the rural areas and adult illiteracy is still high, particularly among females.

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IRAQ - who.int


This document was produced with the support of the World Health Organization (WHO) Iraq Country Office, and all reasonable precautions have been taken to verify the information

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Iraq Complex Emergency Fact Sheet #3 - 01-12-2018


of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) seized control of the town in 2014. Counselor Staal also met with Yezidi spiritual leaders and ... • A State/PRM partner successfully enrolled nearly 600 girls in education through the use of 24 trained mediators from September 2016 to September 2017.

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Iraq NA 13Jan2005 - UNESCO


Similarly, girlseducation was emphasised by the completion of a model secondary school for girls in a densely populated area of Baghdad, adapted to the local environment and climatic conditions.

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IRAQ - data.unicef.org


Percentage of girls and women aged 15 to 49 years who have heard about FGM/C and think the practice should continue, by household wealth quintile, education, residence and age In Erbil, the region with the highest FGM/C prevalence, the percentage of girls and women aged 15 to 49 years who have undergone FGM/C, by current age

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