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Standard Prequalification Documents


2.2 The qualification of a tenderer is a process distinct from the tender evaluation procedure, which concentrates on the price and merits of the specific tender itself. For further details of the tender evaluation procedure, refer to the relevant Standard Tender Documents of the Bank and the Bank’s Guidance Note - Opening and

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Guidance on evaluating tenders using Price Quality …


The PQM tender evaluation methodology uses non-price criteria recommended to be a total of between 10 to 40 points. It is important to note that this does not mean for example in the case of

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Tender Evaluation using Weighted Criteria


Tender Evaluation using Weighted Criteria 8 Methodology 0-20% Price 60-90% 5. TENDER EVALUATION A Tender Evaluation Committee comprising three members, two of whom should be the Project Manager and the intended Superintendent or Superintendent's Representative, will assess the tender bids in accordance with the procedures noted below.

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TENDER EVALUATION CRITERIA After tender opening, the tenders will be evaluated in 4 stages, namely: 1. Determination of Responsiveness. ... The format of the ... The award of points for the STANDARD FORMS considered in this section shall be as shown below

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