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The Cold War in Political Cartoons, 1946 - 1963 - Archives


Soviet troops withdrew, and the Hungarian government announced its intent to quit the Warsaw Pact (the defensive alliance set up by the Soviet Union). Then the Soviets reasserted control. On November 4, they launched a surprise attack, crushed the revolution, and set up a pro-Soviet government that cracked down on all dissent.

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The rise and decline of the Soviet economy


Many scholars of the Soviet Union would disagree in judging Soviet economic performance a ‘success’ for three reasons: ~1! political repression and the famine mortality following the collectivization of agriculture,~2! negligible growth in con-sumption, and ~3! the failure of the Soviet Union to achieve a western standard of living.

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Country Profile: Afghanistan


Soviet troops, who then endured a very effective decade-long guerrilla war. Between 1979 and 1989, two Soviet-sponsored regimes failed to defeat the loose federation of mujahideen guerrillas that opposed the occupation. In 1988 the Soviet Union agreed to create a neutral Afghan state, and the last Soviet troops left Afghanistan in 1989.

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The Soviet Union after 1945: Economic Recovery and ...


underwent significant economic, social, or political change immediately afterwards – except the Soviet Union. The Postwar Soviet Political Economy The Soviet Union was the only warlike power to emerge from the war with its prewar regime intact and, if anything, reinforced. In the postwar years Stalin’s rule

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Stalin’s Constitution of the USSR


Soviet Socialist Republics in accordance with Article 14 of the Constitution, in so far as they do not, by virtue of the Constitution, come within the jurisdiction of organs of the U.S.S.R. that are accountable to the Supreme Soviet of the U.S.S.R., that is, the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet


The Afghanistan war and the breakdown of the Soviet Union


the Soviet economy had stopped growing almost entirely and that economic impera-tives led to its collapse. Since the Soviet economy could not meet the demand for consumer goods from the rising urban middle class, it began losing their support.10 Incremental economic and political reforms were sabotaged by an alliance of

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A Case Study CIA and the Fall of the Soviet Empire: The ...


Jun 01, 1995 · described rising social tensions within the Soviet Union, a slowdown in economic growth, reduced rates of growth in military spending, emerging ethnic movements, changes in Soviet Third World policy and, after 1989, the ad hoc nature of Mikhail Gorbachev's leadership. CIA defenders—they included many senior policymakers in the Reagan and Bush

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Ho Chi Minh (1890-1969) - Columbia University


an alliance with the Soviet Union, securing substantial Soviet aid to help rebuild its war-ravaged country and modernize its economy. Despite Soviet aid, the Vietnamese economy remained relatively stagnant. Today, while still controlled by a communist government, Vietnam has undertaken a number of economic reforms to promote

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4 Periods of Modern European History - Timeline


1979 USSR invades Afghanistan Known as the “Soviet Vietnam” 1985 Gorbachev elected Soviet Premier Soviet oppression eased 1989 Fall of Berlin Wall Reunification of Germany 1991 Fall of USSR End of Cold War 1993 Maastricht Treaty Established the European Union

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Interpreting JFK’s Inaugural Address


Hershberg, Jim. Introduction. “’A Typical Pragmatist’”: The Soviet Embassy Profiles John F. Kennedy, 1960.” Cold War International History Project Bulletin 4 (Fall 1994), 64-67. (Soviet document provided by Vladislav M. Zubok, National Security Archive, translated by Benjamin Aldrich-Moody.) Or online:

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where he admits the Soviet Union almost lost to Germany in the Battle of Moscow. (3) In this article, Ewer recounts Zhukov’s explosive admission and explores the possible outcomes of World War II had the Soviets been defeated by Germany in 1942. (4)The focus of …

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Chapter 15: Cultural Geography of Russia


During the Soviet era — the period between 1922 and 1991 when Russia was part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) — regional politi-cal boundaries often reflected the locations of major ethnic groups, or nationalities. Ethnic Groups in Russia 1. Place Where in Russia do most of the Ukrainian peoples live? Turkic peoples? 2.

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A Brief History of the Berlin Crisis of 1961 - Archives


would later call the election of Kennedy a “fundamental improvement” in Soviet-American relations (State Department, Feb. 1970, p.1). On January 6, 1961, Khrushchev pronounced Soviet support for ongoing national wars of liberation and further stressed that the Western powers must end their “occupational regime”

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Imagined Communities - Masaryk University


remain of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics ex cept ... republics. Should al l this have somehow been fo reseen? In 1983 I wrote that the Soviet Union was 'as much the legatee of the pr enational dynastic st ates of the nineteenth century as the precursor of a twenty-first century internationalist order.'

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Absolute War!


• USSR/Soviet Union: The lighter Zones of the east part of the map, initially under Soviet control. • Town: Tiny city graphic, used only to identify its Area. • Minor City: A City in an Area. • Major City: A City in a Hex.

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The Master and Margarita - libcom.org


condemned to keep silent in the Soviet Union for the rest of my days, then I ask the Soviet government to give me a job in my speciality and assign me to a theatre as a titular director.' Stalin himself answered this letter by telephone on 17 …

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The family of Socialist laws originated in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics where these ideas prevailed and a new law has developed since the 1917 Revolution. However, the laws of the socialist or people’s republics of Europe and Asia must be classed as groups distinct from Soviet law. These laws belong to the Socialist family.

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United States European Command: Overview and Key Issues


Aug 04, 2020 · Soviet Union. At the height of the Cold War, there were more than 400,000 U.S. troops stationed in Europe. The collapse of the Soviet Union led to a withdrawal of the bulk of forward-deployed U.S. troops in the European theater. Decisions to do so were arguably based on a number of strategic assumptions held by successive

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A Brief History of World War II


Soviet Union, signed a secret, mutual nonaggression pact in Au-gust 1939. With the pact Stalin bought time to build up his strength at the expense of Britain and France, and Hitler gained a free hand to deal with Poland. When Hitler’s army invaded Poland on …

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Cold War Timeline of Events: 1945 to 1991 - Mr. Hurst's ...


Cold War Timeline of Events: 1945 to 1991 ... was under attack from the Soviet Union and calling for aid. Hungary fell to Russia on 10th November 1956. October 30th 1956 Suez Crisis ... November 9th 1989 Fall of the Berlin Wall - The Berlin wall was torn down

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The USA, 1954–75: Conflict at Home and Abroad - GCSE …


Russia and the Soviet Union, 1917–41 STUDY GUIDE GCSEHistory.com Anglo-Saxon and Norman England, c1060–88 STUDY GUIDE GCSEHistory.com Crime and Punishment in Britain, c1000-Present and Whitechapel, c1870-c1900: Crime, Policing and the Inner City STUDY GUIDE GCSEHistory.com The American West, c1835–c1895 Samp le

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Timeline of the Cold War - Harry S. Truman


Timeline of the Cold War 1945 Defeat of Germany and Japan February 4-11: Yalta Conference meeting of FDR, Churchill, Stalin - the 'Big Three' Soviet Union has control of Eastern Europe. The Cold War Begins May 8: VE Day - Victory in Europe. …

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List of Abbreviations i. iii. Sample Entry iv. Introduction v. ... Centre for Soviet and East European Studies 254 262 ... Military College of Telecommunication Engineering 1046 1046 National Institute of Immunology 1047 1098

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Russia's Electronic Warfare Capabilities to 2025 - ICDS


and the scientific board of the Journal of Power Institutions in Post-Soviet Societies. His weekly assessments of military, security and strategic developments in Russia and Central Asia appear in Eurasia Daily Monitor, the flagship publication of The Jamestown Foundation. ... List of Abbreviations A2/AD Anti-Access/Area Denial AEW&C Airborne ...

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In Ethiopia, a pro-Soviet military junta (the Derg) established a socialist state in 1974. But as a result of continuing confusion in social conditions, the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) took over the political power in 1991. The EPRDF government also

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Neptune Papers - Federation of American Scientists


logistic support ships, 142 involved minor military ships, and 75 involved amphibious warships (see table 1). Seventy-five accidents were actual sinkings, 60 of military vessels, and 17 of civilian boats. The accidents have resulted in over 2,800 deaths, with U.S. and Soviet fatalities constituting about 65 percent of the total.

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Chapter 2 Theories of Economic Development


On the way to achieve rapid economic growth, countries around the ... 2.2 Goals of Economic Development 13. Although early economists included the natural environment in their economic analysis, environmentalism only drew international attention in the 1960s (Pearce ... The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 and

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Understanding the Current International Order


Abbreviations..... xv CHAPTER ONE The Role of International Order in U.S. Strategy ... it from the closely related ideas of the international system and ... more ordered international system even in the face of the Soviet chal-lenge. The United …

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Karachi: The Land Issue - Arif Hasan


eastern front were channelled by the Allies through Karachi. Again, during the anti-Soviet War in Afghanistan in the 1980’s and the following wars of attrition in that country, supplies for the war were channelled through Karachi Port. And today, supplies to …


The U. S. Military Response to the 1960 - 1962 Berlin Crisis


Soviet Union would oppose any and all violations of East Germany’s sovereignty. The chairman of East Germany’s council of state, Walter Ulbricht, also publicly warned the West to negotiate its use of access routes into erlin with his country or risk “interruptions.” He made it clear that




3. Sources of Economic Growth Economists are not satisfied with just trends and theories, but portray the sources of economic growth. They attach special importance to the calculation of growth, so that the ingredients are thoroughly calculated that caused growth trends. Japan and previously the Soviet Union in the period 1930-1960.

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Stalin’s Terror and the Long-Term Political Effects of ...


Soviet Union (Rozenas, Schutte and Zhukov,2017;Lupu and Peisakhin, 2016) have focused on one relatively idiosyncratic form of violence: mass deportation of geographically-concentrated minorities. Both of these con-texts are likely to amplify the …

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Republic, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United Republic of Tanzania, United States of America, Uruguay, Venezuela, Viet Nam, Yemen, Yugoslavia and Zaire. 8. The representatives of the following national liberation movements, invited to the

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George Kennan's 'Long Telegram' February 22, 1946


Wftllf -3- #511, l'eb1"UAl7·22, 9 p.11.t'rom Moaoov via War demoorat1o) vhoaa reaotion.aaep1rat1one and aot1vtt1ee , happen to be "objectively" favorable to interests or USSR. Tbeae laat JDUat be enoolll'aged and utilized tor Soviet purpaaea. (G) Amons negative elemeuta ot bourgeoia-oapitaliet eooletJ', moat da.Dgeroua ot all are those whom Len1.n

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ADVANCED GUIDE - Paradox Interactive


the Soviet Union first, and maybe Italy decides to go its own way in 1938. But Hearts of Iron is still a game about war – preparing for war, researching war re-lated technologies, developing attack plans and then keeping that war machi-ne going until the issue is settled. To this end, Hearts of Iron has a much greater emphasis on military matters

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The Role of the European Union in the World


the European continent: the fall of the Soviet Union, the democratisation of Eastern and Central European countries, of the Balkans, and the German reunification to mention only the main events : it revealed just how much appeal was generated by a forward-thinking Europe.

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India’s new Asia-Pacific strategy: Modi acts East


crisis drove India to search for economic opportunities in more dynamic parts of Asia. In addition, the Look East policy was driven by three specific factors. The collapse of the Soviet Union created a strategic and economic vacuum for India, and the end of Cold War bipolarity reduced the relevance of India’s non-aligned stance.

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Tragedy and Hope A History of the World in Our Time


Chapter 54—The Nazi Attack on Soviet Russia, 1941-1942 Part Fifteen—World War II: the Ebb of Aggression: 1941-1945 ... Chapter 63—The Origins of the Cold War, 1945-1949 . Chapter 64—The Crisis in China, 1945-1950 ... and international banking institution, every central bank, every nation-state on earth, the ...

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The Economics of Biodiversity The Dasgupta Review ...


models that shaped state policy in the Soviet Union, and the ones developed by prominent academics in Latin America, also did not include Nature. The terms Nature, natural capital, the natural environment, the biosphere, and the natural world are used interchangeably. Preface 4

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Afghanistan: Post-Taliban Governance, Security, and U.S ...


Soviet occupation forces numbered about 120,000. They were assisted by Democratic Republic of Afghanistan (DRA) military forces of about 25,000-40,000, supplemented by about 20,000




On 1 February 1943 the U.S. Army™s Signal Intelligence Service, a forerunner of the National Security Agency, began a small, very secret program, later codenamed VENONA. The original object of the VENONA program was to examine, and possibly exploit, encrypted Soviet diplomatic communications. These messages had

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Part I Chapter 1 The Rise of the Dictators


Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. He issued decrees that nationalized land, banks, and factories, and on March 15, 1918, his government signed a treaty with Germany. According to the harsh terms of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Finland (one-fifth of Russia) became independent states.

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Europe Before World War Two (1939) - Arizona State University


Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) Lebanon Iraq Syria Iran Caspian Sea Morocco (France) (France) Tunisia Spanish Morocco (Spain) Libya (Italy) Iceland (Denmark) Malta (Great Britain) l Trans-Jordan (Great Britain) Saudi Arabia Palestine (Great Britain) l Cyprus (Great Britain) Romania Luxembourg l 0 300 600 miles Europe Before World War ...

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Constituent Parts of the Former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (In accordance with article 29(2)(b)) 101 14. Annex BR List of Contracting Parties which shall not increase any Customs Duty or Other Charge above the Level Resulting from their Commitments or any Provisions Applicable to them under the WTO Agreement (In

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Managing conflict in organizations - untag-smd.ac.id


changes in the world with the collapse of socialism in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. The introduction of the market economies would require managers in these countries to learn advanced management skills. Organizations are constantly changing in order to improve their competitive

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Soviet Deception in the Cuban Missile Crisis


Soviet commanders—and Western spies—that the action was a strategic exercise in the far north of the USSR. Promoting the illusion, the troops that were called up for the Cuban expedition were told only that they were going to a cold region. Those needing more precise instructions, such as


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