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Algae Products in Organic Poultry Diets


Algae Products in Organic Poultry Diets Lizza M. Macalintal, Ph.D. University of Kentucky Algae, “the not so new kid on the block” has been used in both human and animal diets dating back

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Organic Poultry Farming in India- issues and approaches


For organic poultry production in poultry sector is also going up as the world trade in European and American countries mobile houses are organic poultry products is growing. very popular as compare to fixed housing system. The India exported organic agriculture of product main advantage of mobile housing is that the birds can ...

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Organic farming in the EU


Organic farming in the EU – A fast growing sector 5 10 %). The growth of laying hens, which represent about 40 % of organic poultry, is estimated higher, at around 13 %. Austria shows the highest share of organic livestock, with 22 % of cattle, 29 % of sheep and goats and 3 % of pigs. Further countries with a high share of organic

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TS23 (EC)v02en_Poultry breeding 1 www.ecocert.com TS23 (EC)v02en_Poultry breeding 06/07/2012 Guidelines no. 23: Rules for organic poultry production

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