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Bent Axis Motors - Eaton


4EATON Hydraulics Bent Axis Motors E-MOPI-MC001-E1 September 2003 Bent Axis Motors General Overview Eaton’s family of bent axis motors offer vehicle design-ers greater flexibility than ever before.

  Eaton, Motor, Axis, Bent, Bent axis motors

Industrial Control / OEM Training Plan - Eaton


Page 14 www.eaton.com anuary 2017 Industrial Control / OEM Training Plan (continued) Course Category and Title Format Eaton University Course Code Duration

  Training, Industrial, Control, Plan, Eaton, Industrial control oem training plan

Seal Interchange guIde - All Seals Inc


eaton eaton ebrhrt eberhardt eimco eimco elecmo electric motor elecwh electric wheel elgin elgin ... fuller fuller funk funk fwd fwd galion galion graders gardnr gardner denver garlnd garland ... transg transmission & gear treme treme trisea tri-seal trntec trans tec trostl trostel trucks truckstell

  Guide, Seal, Eaton, Fuller, Transmissions, Interchange, Eaton eaton, Seal interchange guide, Fuller fuller

Pulsar series Eaton EX RT UPS - Idelect Colombia


Eaton EX RT UPS High reliability and availability • Internal static bypass • Input/output (I/O) box with manual bypass Industrial grade performance

  Series, Industrial, Eaton, Series eaton ex rt ups, Eaton ex rt ups

Proportional Valves - Eaton


EATON Proportional Valves Catalog V-VLPO-MR002-E1 July 2008 5 SINGLE STAGE TWO STAGE DO3/NG6 DO5/NG10 DO5/NG10 DO7/NG16 DO8/NG25 D10/NG32 Servo Performance KSDG4V-3 N/A KHDG5V-5 KHDG5V-7 KHDG5V-8 KHDG5V-10 Valve with Dual Spool Feedback

  Eaton, Valves, Proportional, Proportional valves, Eaton proportional valves

ABC Fuse datasheet - eaton.com


Eatn Electronics Division 000 22 www.eaton.com/electronics 207 Reserved USA 20 -1 May 207. ABC 1⁄4” x 1 1⁄4” Fast-acting ceramic tube fusesEffective

  Eaton, Fast, Acting

N-Frame 310+ molded-case circuit breaker 320–1200A


2 Technical Data TD03801003E Effective March 2014 N-Frame 310+ molded-case circuit breaker 320–1200A eAton www.eaton.com Table 2. NGS, NGH, NGC, and NGU Rating and Ampere Range

  Eaton, Breaker, Case, Eaton www, Circuit, Molded, A1200, 310 molded case circuit breaker 320 1200a

Solenoid Operated Directional Valve - Eaton


R-2 EATON Industrial Valve DG4V-3M-65 Design E-VLVI-SS001-E1 October 2015 R General Description Solenoid operated directional control valves are for directing and stopping flow at any point in a hydraulic system.

  Eaton, Solenoid, Operated, Directional, Solenoid operated directional

PowerPlus™ Panelboards - Eaton


EATON’s crOusE-hiNds PowerPlus™ Panelboards 3 PowerPlus™ Panelboards designed, engineered and manufactured to be the industry's safest and …

  Eaton, Panelboard, Powerplus panelboards, Powerplus, Powerplus panelboards eaton

Panelboards 1A EXD Series: D2D Series - Eaton


1A www.crouse-hinds.com US: 1-866-764-5454 CAN: 1-800-265-0502 Copyright© 2013 Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds Business 645 Accessories: Gland Plates Field installable gland ...

  Eaton, Panelboard, Panelboards 1a

Keeping your workflow fluid - Eaton


These new (TTC) Through-The–Cover one–piece fittings are qualified with virtually all Eaton premium Aeroquip® hydraulic hoses, offering the easy interchangeability of one socket per size.


Char-Lynn® HP30 Motors information


2 EATON HP-30 MOTOR SERVICE MANUAL E-MOGG-RR001-E June 2015 EATON HP-30 MOTOR SERVICE MANUAL E-MOGG-RR001-E June 2015 3 Table of contents Bearingless motors Section Description Page No. 1.0 Exploded View 3-4 2.0 Part List 5-8 3.0 Disassembly9-10 4.0 Reassembly11-15 5.0 How to Order Replacement Parts 16 Standard and wheel motor

  Eaton, Motor, Arch, Lynn, Char lynn, 174 hp30 motors, Hp30

Switch Base Replacement Instructions - eaton.com


Step Work Description 1 Turn OFF and lock out all power supplying this switch before installing base kit. 2 Turn switch to "OFF" position. 3 Verify there is NO voltage present at the line and

  Switch, Eaton

Vickers SolenoidOperatedDirectionalValves Catalog


EATON Vickers Solenoid Operated Directional Valves Catalog V-VLDI-MC008-E September 2008 9 Electrical Specifications + 24V DC Sol. A + 24V DC Sol. B Wire no. 2 4 30V Sol. A Sol. B M12 Pin # M12 Pin # 1 2 4 30V Sol. A Sol. B Input B Power input Input A + 24V DC + 24V DC + 24V DC WARNING: Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) It is necessary to ...

  Catalog, Eaton, Valves, Solenoid, Operated, Directional, Solenoidoperateddirectionalvalves, Solenoidoperateddirectionalvalves catalog, Solenoid operated directional valves catalog

Power Distribution Systems - eaton.com


Basic Principles The best distribution system is one that will, cost-effectively and safely, supply adequate electric service to both present and future probable loads—this section

  System, Power, Eaton

Vickers Service Data Directional Valves - Eaton


– 2 – Seal Material F3 - Seals for mineral oil and fire resistant fluids Model Series DG4S - Directional valve, gasket mounted, solenoid operated, sliding spool

  Eaton, Valves, Directional, Directional valves

AGC Fuse datasheet - eaton.com


Technical Data 2543. Effective .BZ 2017 Suersedes /PWFNCFS 20 Product features. Agency information • UL Listed Card: AGC 1⁄20-10 • UL Recognition Card: AGC 11-40


BB2-16T & BB2-24T - Eaton


UPC Part # Catalog # Description Box Qty. 79903863001 BB2-16T Telescoping Bracket - 11" to 18" Stud Spacing 50 79903863002 BB2-24T Telescoping Bracket - 15" to 26" Stud Spacing 50

  Eaton, Bb2 16t

Vickers Check Valves Pilot Operated Check Valves - Eaton


5 3 4 10 10 10 3 Operating Data Typical with petroleum oil at 21 cSt (102 SUS) and at 50 C (122 F). Maximum pressures: Ports A, B and X Port Y : PCGV, 10 series

  Eaton, Valves, Operated, Check, Pilots, Vickers, Vickers check valves pilot operated check valves

Service Data Vickers Directional Valves Pilot Operated ...


Service Data Eaton Hydraulics, Incorporated 14615 Lone Oak Road Eden Prairie, Minnesota 55344-2287 U.S.A. Pilot Operated Directional Valves 5007.04/EN/0799/S

  Eaton, Valves, Operated, Pilots, Directional, Directional valves, Pilot operated directional valve

VICKERS Pressure Relief Pressure Control Valve - Eaton


Model Code F3 R (O) - 1 1 2 3 Special seals See “Hydraulic Fluids” section Pressure control valve Integral check valve Omit if not required Type of mounting

  Control, Pressure, Eaton, Valves, Relief, Vickers, Vickers pressure relief pressure control valve

Service Data Directional Valves Pilot Operated ... - Eaton


Model Code (continued) 20 18 21 17 28 16 Solenoid Energization Identity Blank - Standard arrangement for ANSI B93.9 (i.e. energize solenoid A to follow flow P to A). V - Solenoid identification determined

  Eaton, Valves, Pilots, Directional, Directional valves pilot

Functional Symbols and Application Notes - Eaton


n Functional Symbols and Application Notes n See Application Note B, and port X by the mating surface. in Model Code on next page. Model Types KHDG5V Shown Simplified symbol Model Types KAHDG5V Shown K(A)FDG5V symbols identical, but omit

  Notes, Applications, Eaton, Functional, Symbols, Functional symbols and application notes

High performance connector solutions - Eaton


High performance connector solutions Adapters and tube ttings Aeroquip Hose Assembly Master Catalog

  Performance, High, Solutions, Eaton, Connectors, High performance connector solutions

Vickers Valves - Eaton


– 2 – For satisfactory service life of these components, use full flow filtration to provide fluid which meets ISO cleanliness code 20/18/15 or cleaner.

  Eaton, Valves

Vickers Servo Valves - Eaton


5 Change in Rated Flow Rated flows at valve pressure drops from 5 bar (70 psi) to 210 bar (3000 psi) for seven of the available spools. 5 (70) 1,1 (0.3)

  Pressure, Eaton, Flows, Valves, Servo, Servo valves

The Low-InertiaTM Super 18 - Eaton: Backed by Roadranger ...


Fuller® 18-Speed Transmissions RTLO-14918B RTLO-16918B More time on the road™ • Unbeatable versatility with 19.7 to 1 overall reduction and 14.40 low gear. • Economical performance with 0.73 and 0.86 overdrives for efficient cruise RPMs. • Smoother, faster, easier shifting due …

  Eaton, Roadranger

Selling Policy 25-000C Selling Policy, Distribution and ...


Selling Policy, Distribution and Control Products, and Service Solutions. General Terms and Conditions of Sale. Selling Policy 25-000C Eaton Industries (Canada) Company

  Policy, Product, Control, Distribution, Eaton, Selling, Selling policy, Distribution and control products

Effective December 2016 Metal-enclosed medium-voltage ...


3 Technical Data TD02607011E Effective December 2016 Metal-enclosed medium-voltage power factor correction system ATON www .eaton .com UniVAR XV (5 …

  Medium, Power, Factors, Eaton, Correction, Voltage, Medium voltage power factor correction

Power factor correction (PFC) application notes - eaton.com


Power Factor Correction (PFC) application notes Overview Every year, millions and millions of notebook computers, LCD monitors and LCD televisions are produced.

  Power, Factors, Eaton, Correction, Power factor correction

Pilot Operated Check Valve - Eaton


P-2 ATON SystemStak Valves Sie VVISS October P SystemStak™ Pilot Operated Check Valve Series DGMPC-H8 General Description Features: • Industry Standard Mounting, ISO 4001-8, NFPA T 3.51 M R1 and ANSI B 93.7 D08

  Eaton, Valves, Operated, Check, Pilots, Pilot operated check valves

Service Data Filters Large Return Line Filter - Eaton


690357 Screw (4 req’d) 361998 Indicator Dome 361997 Indicator 105109 Washer 421311 Plug Torque 13.5-14.7 N.m (120-130 lb. in.) 263069 Seal 262330 Seal

  Large, Line, Eaton, Return, Filter, Large return line filter

TDC10 and TDC11 - eaton.com


Technical Data 2602. Effective +VOF 2017 Suersedes .BSDI 201. Product features. TDC10 and TDC11. 1/4" x 1 1/4" (TDC10) fast-acting (TDC11) time delay


Illustrated Parts List - Eaton


3 How To Use The Illustrated Parts List The information contained in this document is subject to frequent updates. Therefore, for the latest information available,

  Lists, Eaton, Part, Illustrated, Illustrated parts list

Superior performance and reliability. - Eaton


Where superior performance and reliability meet exceptional value. In order to manage costs while optimizing machine life, mobile OEMs must specify a motor that matches the duty cycle of …

  Reliability, Eaton, Reliability and

Eaton Hydro-line Cylinders Product Selection and


Customized solutions for the future Eaton Hydro-line Cylinders Product Selection and Programs Guide

  Eaton, Hydro, Eaton hydro line cylinders product selection and

Eaton Industrial Hose


High Pressure Air H6009 BULLDOG GOLD™ For air-operated equipment, boring and mining Tube: Nitrile (RMA Class A) Reinforcement: 1-, 2- and 3-wire braid water-based fertilizers and pesticides Cover: Pin-picked Carboxylated nitrile Temp:-40°C to +121°C (-40°F to +250°F) Pressure: 35-70 bar / 500-1000 psi H6008 BULLDOG YELLOW JACK™ For power drills, boring, mining and air-operated equipment




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artikel količina / enota cena z DDV vizitke - letaki.com


artikel količina / enota cena z DDV vizitke enostranke / barvno 4/0 100 24,40 € 200 28,06 € 300 31,72 € 500 36,60 € 1000 54,90 € 2000 91,50 € vizitke obojestranske / barvno 4/4 …


Kabelske lestve 2014 - elba.si


3-2014 Kabelske lestve 4 Kabelska lestev - LKP Oznaka mm mm m mm Teža kg/kos Enota LKP 100/60 60 100 2.5 1 5.9 kos LKP 200/60 60 200 2.5 1.5 6.4 kos LKP 300/60 60 300 2.5 1.5 6.9 kos


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